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The Fidget Cube is a unique item. At first, I was perplexed about this item and how it would work, but the process of figuring it out was fun as well and so satisfying. The Fidget Cube by Grand Oasis is a tiny item so easy to carry with me at all time to class or work and play with it when I need a break; however, you should know that it make a bit of sound that may not be good to all. The Fidget Cube is also a great conversation piece for you. I like the feel of the cube, and the packaging was very cute. I got the black color, and I like how they have multiple color combination. Definitely, give this a try!
Just an Update: after playing with Ths amazing item I will give it 5/5!

The construction of Grand Oasis Fidget Cube amazing. There’s no resistance to any of its sides; also, the spinners has no resistance, the scroll wheel has no bad feeling. Also, I received the wrong color.

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