Falcon Eyes 24TDX Review

Massive Video LED Light Mat!

These Falcon Eyes RX-24TDX lights are just THE BEST. I have personally, had them for a while now, and they are quickly replacing all of my existing soft lights, including my Kino 4 ft 4 banks.

I bought three of them after this video (one RX24 and two RX18’s). I just bring them on every shoot. Color on daylight end is just spot on. The color on the tungsten end is only a hair magenta for my liking, so for that, I carry a little 1/8 plus green if I needed. And most of the time, I never notice it.

These lights are just super bright. For any interview lighting, I have often got these Falcon Eyes RX-24TDX dimmed down to about 10-20%. For fill lighting, just set them at 1% and it is often too bright. You can definitely push these through full silk for a soft interview key lighting.

In hindsight, I think that the RX18’s are just a better deal. They even come with the pancake lantern attachment to them while the RX24’s don’t. Though the RX24’s come with an eggcrate and my RX18’s didn’t (i like it when they come).

I had to get the egg crate softboxes separately (not my liking) for the RX18’s for $79 each but totally worth it. Not sure if those come with the RX18’s now or not. Anyway, the ballast and power supply are smaller for the RX18’s and I sort of wish that my 3 light kits had three matching ballasts and power supplies. Tiny gripe, however, I have to tell to others each time not to plug the large ballast power supply into the smaller lights.

Here are some uses for this light: with them, you can velcro or tape them to anything such as ceilings, walls, car ceilings, and etc. You can just boom them out to a cheap photo boom since they weigh next to nothing. Or roll them up into a small tube for vanity style lighting over bathroom mirrors, or under bars, etc. The pancake shape lantern means that I don’t need to bring China balls and fragile light with me anymore to set.

Only downsides on these lights:

1) The weight of the actual ballasts and power supplies. For travel, the kit gets very heavy.

2) They are a bit slow to set up and take time. You have to assemble the Falcon Eyes RX-24TDX softboxes first, attach the diffusion and eggcrate (its time consuming), connect the ballast then, power supply, and finally the header cable. For me, it is not really a big deal. However, I do not like throwing Diva light on the stand or popping open on a Lowel Rifa light.

3) Velcro attachments are to wear from use where the diffusers velcro to the softboxes. I may need repair in the future or replace them. Hot glue gun should do the trick for me.

4) One other thing that the RX24 has knobs, and the RX18 has buttons (I like them both). But I was really worried that the knobs would break off at some point in time, so I am extra careful when packing the lights and other stuff.

But I after using them now I think that I prefer knobs over the buttons. If you did pick up the Falcon Eyes RX-18TDX ballast to move it, you would change the color temp and dimmer the settings because the buttons are too sensitive. I personally have to check these all the time before I roll on set because it happens too often. It would be just great if there were an extra button just to lock settings. I think the Kino Freestyle design is better with a knob on the end of the ballast where it is not going to break off when packed. read more.