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Key Concepts in Human Growth and Development


In this video my goal is to share the knowledge of social, cognitive, emotional, and physical growth and development. By using developmentally appropriate practices and principles. I will cover the most important concepts as an over view. Topics that will be covered are: Empiricists Organicism Psychodiagnostics Epigenetic Cephalocaudal In Vivo Desensitization Instinctual Ethology Psychometrics Psychopharmacology Nature Vs. Nurture Genotype Phenotype Tabula Rasa Plasticity Resiliency Centration Egocentrism Epistemology Symbolic Schema


How can we find the right job

Why is meaningful work important? Considering so much of our life is consumed either at work, moving to and from work, or considering work, it inevitably represents a considerable part of our lives. If you feel bored or even unsatisfied with how you spend large amounts of the day, it can have a severe toll on your physical and mental health. You may exhibit burnout and frustration, anxiety, depression, or unable to appreciate time at home knowing that another workday lies ahead. How to find the right job Find the right job by shortlisting what you're looking for. Start with…


What Kind of Job Will Make You the Happiest?

For many of us, our choices in life are profoundly influenced by our environments. We are born within a society that tells us how to select a career path, and we are often too naive to know any better. We are given a collection of rules and goals at an early age in our lives, and these rules frequently define our path in life. For example, I was born into a strict Persian household where I was anticipated to excel academically. Skipping college was not an option, but I did initially, and I was told that success consisted of getting good grades and finding…