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Esinkin W29-us Wireless Audio Adapter

Finally, an excellent Bluetooth device that stays on until I turn it off. Makes an excellent tool for just breathing new life into old equipment all the time. Just hooked this up to a compacted to my Onkyo amp that I loved back in the day but had become obsolete for me.

Not anymore! Just plugged in the Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter to the power supply into it and the switched outlet of the amp and right now whenever I like my PC audio to be played through a “real” system, I turn on the amp like old times, and it never sounded so good with no lag.

Unit is about 40 feet and just a couple of rooms/walls from my PC, and it functions just perfect. Best of all, when I have to turn off the amp, the device is also off as well, so my pc reverts to its default audio output device.

I just personally tried everything under the sun that I could find, including numerous Bluetooth speaker setups, but nothing matches the versatility to run old, but high power and quality, equipment as well as the speakers like this unit. (Pulled this unit out from under amp however it usually sits under amp and gives off just a slight blue, glowing light. Great look)

Every once in a while, someone company comes up with a new product that makes things work better for us all. This Bluetooth adapter may be such a creature.

I ordered this Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter to set up a powered speaker system for my bedroom to connect to in her room, but it never made it there at all. I wanted to test the functionality, so I wired it up to my surround system in the living room. Within a couple of seconds, I had it set up and was working great, and it is also cheap.

Setup was almost non-existent for this, and it worked right out of the box; the only decision point for me was whether I need a mini jack plugged in or the RCA pair to connect the wire to the device. After hooking it up to the audio connection and the power, push the button, and you have your desired source device to find the adapter via Bluetooth and pair it.

My wife came down from her room to see what was up and she completely flipped over being able to connect up and play her music without having to track down all the connecting cables or put her phones “on a leash” for it to work. My body was packing up one Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter for his freshman year of college, and he begged to take the adapter along with him. Hence, we just ended up ordering one additional adapter for the house. So, the original now resides in his dorm.

The only glitch I ran into while testing the applications of this adapter was that with one laptop that had an older Bluetooth adaptor. The computer kept asking for a new PIN code for the audio adapter every time, and the adapter has just no way of displaying a PIN but just put 0000 or 1234, and you are good to go.

I picked up a current generation dongle for my old mac, and the issue has cleared. However, this is just a consideration for connecting to computers. But, phones, on the other hand, connect up seamlessly in just seconds.

Even with my computer connection hangup, this cheap adapter is well worth the $22. I now have one on my primary surround sound system and one connected to my wife’s speaker set in addition to the one more than left for college dorm life with my body. The two are two floors apart, so we have not experienced any crossover interference with them thus far.

Being able to connect Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter easily to my old receiver without having to set or fiddle around with wires is only fantastic, and I now look forward to repurposing the device to run a set of speakers out in our graveyard for this Halloween without endangering a new source device.

  • Listen music wireless: Stream your audio entertainment from your smartphone or tablet. Listen to music through your perfect sound system from your smartphone or tablet with perfect sound quality
  • Easy to setup: Simply pair your smartphone or tablet to the audio adapter with a single button press
  • Superior acoustics: Don’t compromise on sound delivers high-quality acoustics
  • Works with most speakers: Plug the adapter into any A/V receivers and any powered speakers using standard RCA or 3.5mm jacks
  • Long wireless range: Stream and control your music with a reliable connection from up to 15 meters 50-ft, 1 Year warranty. Read Mor

What’s in the package:

1×Bluetooth receiver

1×Power adapter

1×3.5mm Audio cable

1×User manual