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Beoplay E8 a Premium Wireless earbuds or the Worst Purchase of your LIFE

Don’t Buy This, This truly wireless earbud by Beoplay E8 is one one of the most beautiful earbuds that I have ever seen in my life. Jakob Wagner designs the Beoplay E8, and the final showpiece is definitely a masterpiece. At least from the look department. The dimensions are 23mm x 20mm x 25mm, making it extremely small. The B&O E8 comes with a charging case that is 73mm x 47mm x 33mm. In 3 colors black, charcoal sand, and rose gold.

You should know that my favorite color for this earbuds is rose gold, then charcoal, and finally the black version. The E8 is made out of aluminum, textile, polymer, a beautiful silicon cover, and amazing quality leather. Unfortunately, they do not have the same weight. The Right (The Master bud) is at 7g, while the left (Slave) is at 6g. Also, the charging Case has a 45g.

The sound

The Beoplay E8 has a LOUDSPEAKER Electro-dynamic driver, making it powerful with only 5.7 mm diameter. And I have to say that the sound is absolutely amazing (at least while it is working). It is equipt with a Bluetooth 4.2 that is AAC codec with amazing frequency set at 20 – 20,000 Hz. The E8 has a Multi-functions control button on each earbud that can help you with volume control, Play/Pause, Transparency Mode, and to control your calls. You also can download the full list of gestures from their website at Beoplay.

The best truly wireless earbud?

The microphone that is built on this device is an Omni Directional with CORD1.2m charging USB-A to MicroUSB. With a fantastic rechargeable battery of lithium-ion. The truly wireless earbud “Beoplay E8” has an amazing battery. With a capacity of 85 mAh on the right (Master), and Left (Slave) has a 60 mAh battery. This can give you up to 4 hours playing time just at a moderate volume. The charger battery has a capacity of 365 mAh that can provide you with two full additional charges for the earbuds.


BEOPLAY truly wireless earbud is compatible with the Beoplay App. The APP is to enhance your experience with the transparency mode and OneTouch at a glance. The transparency mode can offer you three different levels of Transparency. Such modes are accessible only in B&O PLAY App both in IOS and Android.


When you first order your truly wireless earbud the E&O play E8, you will receive the charger case that is (with built-in chargeable battery). A USB Charging Cable with good size. Amazing sIlicon tips, with 4 pairs of different sizes for your comfort (XS, X, M, L). And most importantly a Comply foam, but only in one size (M).

My opinion Don’t Buy This

Don’t buy it. But if you like to try it watch my video or read this post and then also think before paying the extream price of $300. Yes for $300.00 making this truly wireless earbud at the top of the list comparing to its competitors.

At first, I really wanted to love them. Not only because if its size, look, and feel, but because they sound amazing, and they truly do. But I had some major issue with them, and I never got the chance even to enjoy them. First of all, I have had many pairs of in-ear “phones,” but I had such a hard time to t get these to pair to my iPhone X. And every day I face a problem with them getting disconnected ( 2 or 3 times a day). The real issue though was not this.


No matter what I did to them such as update reset even changing my phone and using an Android. I saw a 1-second delay on audio when I play video with them, and that happens as the battery reaches about 50%. After having them for about two weeks with an ongoing problem, so, I bailed and say Don’t Buy This.

Note this:

The most frustrating part was when I would make a phone call as they pick up every sound in your surrounding. So if you care about the person on the other side do not get them. Honestly, I had earbuds that were $20.00, and they performed better than these. Too bad for me, I honestly was looking forward to the E8 the best truly wireless earbud by Beoplay.

My other B&O headphones are fantastic, and they sound great. And I have to say that I’m just sick of wires,

But this is not it

It seems getting something relatively streamlined with a fantastic sound that pairs well and works correctly is not quite there yet. I think they put too much time on the look and not the actual product. Yea it looks fantastic and feels great but does not work as you want it to work. Also, the App is such a bad experience that I do not even recommend downloading.

This is very important as well.

After two weeks I used a different device for the B&O, and it did not work at all. I was told that the earbuds do not work with any Nexus or Pixel Android device. The last person that I called at B&O told me that there is an issue with both the B&O software and also the Google firmware. Thus, they cannot even guarantee me that it will be fix at any time. And he had the audacity to recommend me to send them back and get a refund.

If you ask me, I think this is a ridiculous situation for B&O. These E8 looked great. But nowhere did I see any advertisement that this device is “full Android compatibility. But unless you have a ‘stock’ Android or iPhone if you ask me to save your money and don’t even bother trying.”


Even if you do have a stock Android or iPhone, do not bother trying them. You will only be teased by how impressive these earbuds look and not actually have the opportunity to use them. If you ask me very, very unimpressed so Don’t Buy This.




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