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Do You Want To Make YouTube Video – Here Is The FIRST Thing You Should Get For 5$, HereThe Most Important Equipment That You Need To Start Making YouTube Video.

After years of making YouTube video between my channels, I found out that the most important equipment I need is something to help me manage time and be able to stay on schedule. There have been many times that I have started a project and lost track of time. This is not only damaging to my equipment but to my time. Since I am doing an unboxing video, it is very important to me to make sure my first shot is the right one. With this 10$ timer, I can keep track of my time and know when I need to stop and when I have to start. It is something that has been easily overlooked, but I think if you spent a bit time to use it you would be grateful.

These Digital Kitchen Timer are excellent timers. They have such big numbers for easy to read and very nice and loud for what I do. I use the Kitchen Timers to time everything from television, recording, video game, and time management.

Highly recommend to all who like to be on target.