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DJI Osmo Mobile Review – Why Is It The Best Option?

The DJI Phone Camera Gimbal OSMO MOBILE came as described and works excellent. For the same price as the OSMO usually goes for, the accessories that come in this bundle are a huge benefit.

I think The DJI Phone Camera Gimbal OSMO MOBILE is a fantastic tool for any event and B-Roll footage. The gimbal is small, relatively light-weight, portable, and convenient, provides me a relatively inconspicuous way to get stable footage without the bulk and attention that a DSLR stabilization system has.

For the money

For the money, comparing the OSMO Mobile to competing solutions like the IKAN Fly X3 Plus, there’s no denying that the DJI OSMO is more feature-rich with itself and the application. The OSMO MOBILE controllers at your thumb and easy to reach also, the features given.

However; they all come with a few distinct downsides.

To me

To me, the first major downside is that you have no controls over ISO, White Balance, and Exposure. However, I recommend either going with the Filmic Pro app or the similar but more moderately priced Cinema FV-5.