The Best Mack Book PRO Cover By Cover-Up. The very first day that I took my MacBook Pro to school and I opened my laptop up on the class, a classmate in the first row said: “I LOVE your skin, and where did you get it.” I was baffled as no one had ever complimented me on my MacBook Skin. I think this product not only offers a beautiful look to your computer but also, it offers a layer of protection to both protect and preserve your product. Cover-Up unique and fantastic features are fantastic, and it can be used across many of your platforms such as your computer, tablet, and phone. Also, it is available for many of your popular brands not limiting you to the Apple brands.

Personal thoughts;

Here are some of the reasons I use Cover-Up (and why it performs amazingly):

1. This skin dose does not cover the Mac logo, and I love to showcase its original shape without sacrificing the look of my laptop.

2. It fits excellent and does not leave any gap on my computer surface. Making it fit like a glove without any problem.

3. In case of an emergency, you can remove the cover in just a second.

4. The shipping was fast and reliable, and I received my product within days of ordering it.

5. I do not know if I should put this, but I have to say above all this product looks impressive, and I truly LOVE it. #gocoverup

6. Also, this product is 100% natural, Hand-crafted, and made in Wales, UK.

This product is terrific and I think what they say is 100% accurate with fast and reliable customer service. Cover Up has all range of product from natural stone, wood, to shell casing.

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