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(Clapper Boards & Camera Sync Slates) – How-To

Using a production slate (Clapper) is an inexpensive way to make your life easier.
We all needed a clapperboard if we are recording audio separately, and this one’s perfect. I have tried many other ones that you can find everywhere on eBay; they may look the same but the plastic is very low quality, so they are to be a one use and throw away item. This one performs as advertised with the marker set we already had.

SO why?

I admit that because several reviewers remarked that their bolts loosened up, So I inserted a drop of nail polish on each one of the nuts, but after using it, I am not sure that was necessary. I always tell the best is to raise the bar to around 30 degrees and then just let it drop and let the gravity do the work.

Do I like it?

I like it because it feels good using it. I also like it in editing space for the scene and also take numbers is large, so I can write them big enough that I can easily see them even in a very wide shot. The clapper is sharp and makes an easy-to-see spike on the soundtrack which helps a lot both in logging the day’s footage and when I feed the footage and soundtracks to PluralEyes for sync.


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