Braun Series 9 – 9290cc Electric Shaver Review

Braun Series 9 Review

I waited a few months after the purchase to write this. Bought this to replace a Series 7 after the base-to-shaver communication failed after about eight years. The big question for most purchasers is Series 9 or 7. Note that there are two “runs” of the 9. The 90xx is the original design that had some head failure issues. The 92XX is the newer design. There are still many 90xx being sold, especially from discount houses. I chose to go with the latest model even though it was a few bucks more. Here are my observations using it.

Braun Series 9 - 9290cc Electric Shaver Review

Whitebeard hairs:

The Braun Series 9 – 9290cc Electric Shaver 9 wins hands down. The Braun Series 9 has an extra cutter in the middle of the head that is designed for stubborn white hairs that stick out a resist electric razors. If you look at photos, you will see that the 7 has one central cutter, while the 9 has two cutters, each with a different design.


Depends. The 7 has a clipper, like a small barber’s clipper that flips out from the side of the unit. The 9 has a small cutter that slides up above the primary cutter and looks like a “personal groomer.” The seven is probably better at sideburns, but the 9 is better at everything else (especially “personal grooming” if you get my drift.


The Braun 9 by a little. Speed is listed as a benefit, but I found it only a little faster.


Braun Series 9 is quieter, but far from silent.


First, buy the cleaning base with either. It is a system. Many troubleshooting FAQs involved undoing problems caused by never using the base and only cleaning manually. That said. The 9 base is more significant. It is also shiny black, so it looks cool but shows dust more. The Braun Series 9 dries with a fan rather than a heater. This means it supposedly dries faster, but it also means that you smell the alcohol in the cleaner solution more. Since I shave only once a day, I actually liked the 7 base better.


Braun Series 7 wins. The Braun 7 has an led “dial” with multiple levels of cleanliness on the handle. The 9 only has a “drop” symbol to indicate clean, but no sense of how dirty.


Tie. Never had a problem with either. This is another reason to have the base. Lithium batteries like to stay fully charged. The base ensures that. Expected battery life is 3-5 years. My 7 is still going strong after 8 (I kept it as a travel shaver).

Bottom line:

If you are at the age where white hair is cropping up in your beard, spend the extra for the Braun Series 9. If you really hate the smell of alcohol in the morning, get the Braun 7. Otherwise, it becomes a matter of aesthetics. The 7 gives you at least 90% of the performance of the 9 but for a lot fewer $.

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