Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone is the Perfect USB microphone for anyone getting started with recording audio.

I bought this because of my live video’s on YouTube, and after installation the audio quality of my video is outstanding. While it’s true that this mic has only cardioid mode as opposed to the Snowball the non-ICE version. If you are only trying to catch your voice, this is an excellent choice. If you are trying to catch an entire room of sound sources and group interview, then you want to get the NON-ICE version of this mic that should cost you about 15$ more so you can switch it into Omni Directional mode so that it will equally catch sound sources from every direction.

By adding a pop filter and a basic acoustic shield behind to this microphone, you will get almost pro-grade sound for your production without spending that much money.

I eventually plan on stepping up to the Blue Yeti at some point, but for now, this microphone produces an almost pro-grade sound that is above many of its competitors.

While a dynamic microphone is great to not picking up any background noise, it is not the best choice from a comfort perspective. A Condenser mic like the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone will get a much more background noise, that means you need to be recording in a very quiet room. Ideally, try to incorporate an acoustic shield to limit outside noise. However, the upside of the condenser is that you can move all around the general space of the mic without any significant changes in your recorded volume, which gives the podcaster a great benefit regarding comfort for long recording sessions.

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