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Best iPhone case By Bellroy

Bellroy Phone case 3 card

Phone Case – 3 Card

In this video normally sure you guys the best iPhone case ever made by Bellroy Phone case 3 card. this iPhone case not only can help you carry your phone in a stylish way but it can act as a wallet and you can easily store up to three cards inside of it.

bellroy phone case 3 card

When I first or originally got my iPhone I started using the Apple case.  now I have to say the application is very nice and can give you a lot of flexibility.  but, that was not enough for me. Finally, I found a great case for my iPhone that not only can protect my phone,  but Bellroy Phone case 3 card it can offer me a lot more.

This new case by Bellroy Phone case 3 card not only can give you protection in his slim design, but it can offer you in a stylish way to carry your essential cards.

One thing that draws me to this phone case was how Bellroy thinks of everything and they included an easy way to store your extra sim card and a sim ejector.

Your phone and cards in one slim case


The Most Advanced Headphones of 2018?

Is The Sony WH-1000X M3 The Most Advanced Headphones of 2018?

Is The Sony WH-1000X M3 The Most Advanced Headphone of 2018?

the Sony headphone is one of the most talked about headphones in 2018.

One of the most advanced headphones in 2018 that can provide you clear audio and high-quality noise cancellation technology. However, after extensive review and testing, I was very disappointed with the quality of sound and the comfort that Sony provides with this headphone. Thus going back to my Bose QC 35 II as mentioned in my previous review I think the best headphone in 2018 is not the Sony, and I have to give it to Bose once more.

The New Sony

The Brand-new Sony Bluetooth wireless headphone with noise canceling technology has created a lot of buzz recently. Personally, when I saw the commercial for this headphone I was super excited. But I had my doubts; I knew that the last version of the Sony headphones was not as good as they said. And I never went to try it. But this year Sony has made a lot of significant changes to their headphone with quite a bit of improvement over the last generation noise-canceling headphones that they made.

I did get them;

So it was time for me to try them and I found a great deal on Amazon to get the refurbished Sony M3 for a fraction of the cost at $199 about $150 lower than the actual price. However, when I received it, it was not as glorious as I taught. Right off the bat, I had a problem connecting it to my phone, and I knew it wasn’t because of the hardware malfunction since I did all the troubleshooting and compared it to a brand-new Sony headphone that my friend has got. It was all software related, and I knew some of this problem could be fixed over time, but as of now, I was not happy.

Also, the cup of the headphone felt too small for me, and it was creating too much pressure over my head. After using the headphone for two hours, I had a bad headache, and to me, that is a big problem. One thing I like about my previous headphone was the ability to put them on for an extended period without worrying about any pressure to my head. However, with this Sony headphone, you will feel the pressure. In the same note, I believe these headphones are only good for winter. Since they make your ear boiling hot after wearing them for about 30 minutes.

What I think of them

Personally, I use my headphone when I’m writing the train station, and to me, comfort is the number one priority. And number two is the noise cancellation ability. As far as noise cancellation I have to say that Sony has done a pretty good job isolating the sound unmasking the sound in your environment. However, when it comes to comfort, I had some serious issues with this quality. Also, I did not enjoy the fact that every time I had to use my headphone I had to deal with the app. And the app is not fully developed, and he lacks some major functionality.

So this time I decided to go with my old generation the Bose QC 35 II and maybe the next generation Sony will make me stop wanting to use the Bose quality headphone, but until then I’ll check you guys in the next one.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 make the world melt away around you.




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BOSE QC35 ii Review | Best Noise Cancelling Headphone in 2018

Bose QuietComfort 35 review

Best Noise Cancelling Headphone in 2018

The Bose QC 35 II is indeed one of the best headphones in the market in 2018. For years I have trusted the Bose quality to provide the best audio and have been using them since I remember. Today, I decided to say goodbye to my Gen one quiet comfort and say hello to the new generation Bose QC 35. It has been indeed one of the best decision that I have ever made and will never look back.

However, I have to say that if you own the first generation, you may not find that much of a difference between the audio quality, design, nor the feel of the headphone. But what separates this headphone from the previous generation is the ability for it to connect to your device or multiple devices via Bluetooth connectivity.


The ease of use of this headphone has been astonishing. Compare to the other noise-canceling headphones in the market this one truly stands apart and can take the crown to be number one in the best noise canceling headphones. Both in 2018 or even 2019. I don’t know what is next and may come in future, but I can comfortably say that this headphone by far surpasses other headphones in the market.



One of the features that I truly love about this headphone is the ability to connect to multiple devices without a hassle. When using this device, I have no problem of switching between my iPhone or my iPad or when I wanted to play on my PlayStation. Also, it is worth mentioning that having the ability to press a button and choose the level of your active noise canceling is quite useful at times.

Alexa or Google  Assistance

I have to say that when I was told that this headphone has the ability to use Alexa or Google assistance I thought to myself that I would never use it. But after using it for once or twice, I found myself using that a small button on the left side of my headphone pretty often to ask questions and find traffic information or to get the weather update.

The balanced audio performance that this headphone has is remarkable. Some may disagree with the quality of sound in Bose and call them dry but personally, I have used many headphones in the same spectrum and found the Bose quality sound to be truly exceptional. I never had problems with the quality of the audio or the volume that it outputs.

Should I get it

If you are in the market to up your game and get a pair of headphones, my first recommendation is to grab your hands on one of these headphones. The price may be high, and some may disagree with how expensive these headphones are. But personally I. think this is one of the most important pieces of technologies that you will ever need since you are using it every day. After using his headphones for a month, I have to say that I would never go back to another device and I am happy with my choice.

So if you’re in the market my recommendation to you is to check out these headphones and consider getting your own today.


The best headphones if you hate other people

Nevertheless, the QuietComfort 35 IIs certainly feel like the smartest pair of headphones around at the moment. They may not be the absolute best sounding pair of cans at this price, but they offer functionality their rivals simply cannot match.

The integration with Google Assistant – especially when you’re out and about – is a definite positive and their noise-cancelling abilities are second to none.

We expect these headphones to become travelling companions for many a frequent flier. The updated tech is indubitably worthy of the QuietComfort name.

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Key Features

  • Review Price: ~ $345
  • Google Assistant
  • Active noise canceling
  • Bluetooth
  • Optional wired connection
  • 20-hour battery life
  • Black and grey colors available
  • Hard carry case with an airplane adapter


Bose QC 35ii app review



Dynamically, these headphones can take the changes in intensity in their stride. From the quieter drums and strings that rise up when the song begins to the hearty, husky tones of Lisa Gerrard’s idioglossia (her invented language) that fill the space, these headphones make smooth transitions allowing you to really become immersed in your music.

But while these headphones have an enjoyable sound, their rivals are a hair’s breadth ahead.

Playing Radiohead’s Burn The Witch through the aptX HD-equipped Astell & Kern Kannthe continuous cymbals that rise up in are still precise through the QuietComfort 35 IIs, but the PXs have greater enthusiasm when marking the start and stop of each strike.

MORE: Astell & Kern Kann review



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Microsoft Office – The Best Productivity Program

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows and mac

Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key – The Best Productivity Program

It has been more than decades that I have been using a computer to complete my everyday tasks and set myself up for success in terms of school, productivity, and work. This is why we have free Microsoft Office 2016 key giveaway. During these years there have been many programs that I have used to help me achieve my goals. However, one of the most fundamental programs I remember been using since the first day is Microsoft office.

Microsoft made massive changes in Office 2016 for Windows but has hidden most of the changes beneath a reassuringly familiar-looking surface.


Regardless of what operating system you are used to this program will adapt and make your life so much easier. Unfortunately, in the past, the Microsoft Office for Mac was not as powerful as one would ask. Power with the new update of Microsoft office in 2016 the entire program was rebuilt and redesigned to simulate the Windows version, and it works perfectly. Even though I’m not a Windows user, but I have to admit that the office version for the Mac was not as powerful as I wanted to. Yes, it had the same functions, but the design other was not user-friendly and attire hard to find specific commands.



Today after installing my brand-new operating system I decided to purchase this version of office and see how the packaging looks. From the first look, it’s nothing but perfect. Starting from the design of the package to the program that you will receive. If you like to get your hands on the free version of Microsoft office, don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think of this program. It is something that uses every day or is this something that you have not had a chance to. But I think at this time all have experienced the ease of use with this program.

MS office 2016


I Will Post The CODE by end of this week


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Successful Emotional and Cognitive Development

successful emotional and cognitive development

Successful Emotional and Cognitive Development

Every child’s successful emotional and cognitive development depends on the influence of both nature and nurture. Our cognitive behaviors and developments are linked to our genetics, childhood experiences, as well as our exposures to our surrounding environment.

As we learned during the early stages of our class, the environment can have a direct both influence and indirect influence on our behavior and genetic. In the podcast “growing up” the speaker explains that by given children access to power tools and other equipment we can not only help them develop their curiosity but can provide them with a way to explore new ideas and prepare for a better future. He explains that in today’s society everything that we do is a building block for our future.

To better develop our children, they need to be offered an environment in which they can explore their curiosity concerning their feelings and actions. Such an environment can also be both cognitively and physically stimulating, offering them new and unique concepts while maintaining awareness, helping them better enhance their experience with societal norms and other activities that can help them thrive. Without this crucial piece, children may not be unable to function in society at their maximum ability.


Vygotsky also offers a similar social learning theory that suggests children develop and experience society in different zones, and how each of those zones is connected and can affect development. Bandura, also, suggests that all children learn their behaviors and ideas through interaction with society and that the behaviors they learn influence how they think and believe. Proving how our environment can play a crucial role in our development.

Therefore, it is necessary to implement new techniques in our children’s cognition and emotional development. It is the environment that allows children to develop and achieve their emotional and cognitive development; allowing children to learn about life in which they can experiment freely and be productive with minor limitation.

Cognitive development is the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. healthofchildren.com

Cognitive development
SOURCE Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, 5th ed . and Child Development Institute, http://www.childdevelopmentinfo.com.
One monthWatches person when spoken to.
Two monthsSmiles at familiar person talking. Begins to follow moving person with eyes.
Four monthsShows interest in bottle, breast, familiar toy, or new surroundings.
Five monthsSmiles at own image in mirror. Looks for fallen objects.
Six monthsMay stick out tongue in imitation. Laughs at peekaboo game. Vocalizes at mirror image. May act shy around strangers.
Seven monthsResponds to own name. Tries to establish contact with a person by cough or other noise.
Eight monthsReaches for toys out of reach. Responds to “no.”
Nine monthsShows likes and dislikes. May try to prevent face-washing or other activity that is disliked. Shows excitement and interest in foods or toys that are well-liked.
Ten monthsStarts to understand some words. Waves bye-bye. Holds out arm or leg for dressing.
Eleven monthsRepeats performance that is laughed at. Likes repetitive play. Shows interest in books.
Twelve monthsMay understand some “where is…?” questions. May kiss on request.
Fifteen monthsAsks for objects by pointing. Starting to feed self. Negativism begins.
Eighteen monthsPoints to familiar objects when asked “where is…?” Mimics familiar adult activities. Know some body parts. Obeys two or three simple orders.
Two yearsNames a few familiar objects. Draws with crayons. Obeys found simple orders. Participates in parallel play.
Two-and-a-half yearsNames several common objects. Begins to take interest in sex organs. Gives full names. Helps to put things away. Peak of negativism.
Three yearsConstantly asks questions. May count to 10. Begins to draw specific objects. Dresses and undresses doll. Participates in cooperative play. Talks about things that have happened.
Four yearsMay make up silly words and stories. Beginning to draw pictures that represent familiar things. Pretends to read and write. May recognize a few common words, such as own name.
Five yearsCan recognize and reproduce many shapes, letters, and numbers. Tells long stories. Begins to understand the difference between real events and make-believe ones. Asks meaning of words.


Read more

From: The influence of emotional interference on cognitive control: A meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies using the emotional Stroop task

The influence of emotional interference on cognitive control: A meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies using the emotional Stroop task


Bjorklund, David F. Children’s Thinking: Cognitive Development and Individual Differences. Stamford, CT: Wadsworth Publishing, 2004.

Pica, Rae. Your Active Child: How to Boost Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Development Through Age-Appropriate Activity. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2003.

Thornton, Stephanie. Growing Minds: An Introduction to Children’s Cognitive Development. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.

Wadsworth, Barry J. Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive and Affective Development: Foundations of Constructivism , 5th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Allyn & Bacon, 2003.

Read more: http://www.healthofchildren.com/C/Cognitive-Development.html#ixzz5WQtDCZeY


Humility in 2018

iPad Pro (2018) Review and Unboxing


iPad Pro (2018) Review: Almost a Laptop Killer

After a long time of waiting today, I finally received my iPad Pro generation three. I love this iPad, starting from the look, this thing looks spectacular. One other thing that really made me love this iPad is the size. As much as I love the 12.9-inch display on my previous generation iPad, I have to say that the size of the iPad was too big for me.

I always had a problem carrying it to school and holding it in my hand while riding the train. But with the new iPad Pro generation 3 this problem is solved. Now I get the same design look feel and texture in a smaller form factor. It just reminded me of when Apple announced iPhone X. For me transferring from the iPhone 7 plus to the iPhone X was a life change.


ipad pro 2018 review atreef


What I remember

I remember how easy became for me to carry my phone and just place it in my pocket simply. Now with the new iPad is the same story and I can have the comfort of carrying my iPad around. Starting from the design, I love the fact that the new Apple pencil can now seamlessly be attached to the top of my iPad without any problem or hassle. The case folio is also, amazing and now not only providing me with a keyboard that is completely at the same as the previous generation but in the smaller form factor.


It covers the back of my iPad given my iPad extra protection and is not forcing me to buy a separate accessory to covers the back of my iPad. Adding not only cover but protection to my 2018 iPad. With the new processor inside this iPad is extremely fast and can provide a lot of horsepowers to run the most extreme apps.

As demonstrated announcement Adobe will launch its new application for iPad that can run a full desktop version of the Photoshop running extremely high quality and size files without any problem.

As an editor

This iPad is going to be a life changer for me because with the new 12 bionic chip it will be straightforward for me to edit my videos make an adjustment to my photos and even manipulate audios on my next podcast video or even my blog. As much as I love to keep my old iPad around I cannot see myself also using it since also holding the iPad makes it feel weird. I have to say the new iPad Pro is completely a game changer and using the iPad feels exactly as I anticipated. Not only I get the quality design of Apple but everything runs extremely smooth without any problem.


Although, it takes for new developers and old developers to catch up with the new iPad and make all necessary adjustment and updates. But I’m sure in the coming months or two all application will support the new iPad Pro. Today’s is truly an exciting day for me and I cannot wait to take my iPad for a test run, and use it for my school to productivity or even play a game or two with it.

If you ask me this year is just the right time to buy a tablet, and if you have not got your tablet yet, there is nothing that can compare to the all-new Apple iPad Pro third-generation. And if you ask me once more, I recommend the tool 12.9-inch tablet since it can make your life extremely easy and give you pleasure while using your iPad. As always this is just my initial review of using the iPad for one day what I will do an in-depth review of this iPad in the coming weeks and will recommend the best apps to use in conjunction with your iPad Pro.



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Apple Pencil Gen 2 VS 1 | What to get?

Apple Pencil Gen 2 VS 1 | What to get?

Apple Pencil Generation 2

Hey, guys what’s up this is Ehsan and Apple just released Apple pencil second-generation alongside the refresh iPad pro. Although, it sucks that you need to spend additional money on a new pencil with the purchase of one of the new iPad models there are many reasons why it’s definitely worth the switch let’s talk about it.

The new Apple pencil gets rid of the terrible charging method which came with the first generation pencil. The first Gen charging it looked pretty ridiculous; first, you would have to take off the magnetic cap in which a lot of people lost by the way. Then you would have to insert that into the iPad lightning essentially making your iPad look very bad while the pencil charges. But gladly Apple has changed this.

The New Pencil

apple pencil 2

With the new pencil now you can magnetically attach the Apple pencil to the side of the new iPad for wireless charging. This makes things so much easier. Another great thing about the new model is that this model has no moving parts or caps like we saw the first-generation pencil that had a magnetic cap on the bottom side of the pencil. Which had to be taken off in order to be charge and during the duration of pencil charging you had to put the pencil cap somewhere safe. This is probably how many people lost their caps as well.

Apple Pen Gen 2

With the new Apple pencil, you are free from this issue. The pencil now has a unified and sleek design with no caps to lose. You now don’t have to worry about the pencil rolling out off the iPad or a desk. The second-generation pencil still has a sleek design that came with the first one. But, it has a flat side which aligns with the iPad for charging. The flat side of the pencil would work great to prevent it from rolling away or falling off the desk when you set it down. One of the issue with the previous Apple penciled was that you really didn’t have a place to put it while carrying your iPad around.


Not all cases came with an extra pocket for the apple pencil. But with the magnetic capability on the new Apple pencil not only are you getting wireless charging but you also have a secure place to attach it. Another cool feature of the second Gen pencil is the gestures. This will be very helpful for artist and notetakers. Apple has added similar gestures into your Airpods where you simply double tap on the pencil to quickly change it or change the type of stroke you want to use in apps such as the notes.

apple pencil gen 1 vs gen 2

Best Features

One of the best features that come with the new pencil is the quick pairing. In order to pair the old pencil, you had to insert the eraser side into the lightning port. But the with the new Apple pencil you simply attach it to the side of the iPad, and it will automatically connect.

So in comparison to the old pencil, the second-generation pencil is way better. But keep in mind that it’s only compatible with the 11 inch and 12.9-inch third-generation iPad pros.


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Best Budget Headphones Under 40$ MPOW

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Headset, Foldable, Soft Memory-Protein Earmuffs, w/Built-in Mic Wired Mode PC/Cell Phones/TV

Budget Headphones Under 40

It has been a long time since I’ve been looking to find a good quality headphone at a reasonable price. Throughout my search, I have seen many different types of Bluetooth headphones that offered me what was in my bucket list. However, I have not found yet a headphone that delivers everything that I want at a reasonable price that I can put in my bag without worrying about what may happen to them. Until today, about two weeks ago I was contacted by MPOW, and they told me about the MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphone. The MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphone comes at only 35.99, and it is just amazing.

What I like

I was so impressed by the sound quality and the comfort that when I put it on for the first time, I did not believe it’s that cheap. Of course, it did not compare to my Bose or Sony Headphones, but for its class it was extraordinary. The quality of the headphone is not A plus, but I will give it a solid B. It was built just right and had the right color, and the sound quality was just impressive. I have tried so many headphones in the past, and they always lacked some functionality one way or another.


when he came to MPOW, the game was changed. Regardless if I was listening to a piece of music or talking to someone over the phone. I have no problem of maneuvering its dials and working my way up to find the right button. I think one of the most significant issues that we face today in terms of finding the right headphone, is to find something that does not only sounds good but is easy to operate. And for the first time, I saw one with tactile buttons that are not only useful but they were very solid, and I didn’t have to compromise.


At times I found that every button on MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphone that I would ever need was easy to reach and it was easy to operate. Now I have to say that I don’t know how it will last over time, but from using it for the past couple of days that I had the opportunity to use it, I have to say that it worked flawlessly.

The ultimate goal

The ultimate goal of the headphone is to provide you comfort and give you a reasonable sound quality at a low price. I think with this headphone I did not have to make any trade-off I was able to get what I wanted fast and easy. The portability of this headphone was also something to mention. It was straightforward to fold the headphones down and put them inside the included case. I also have to say that the included case was something to love. The quality of the case was not only good, but it was exceptional to the point that I did not feel embarrassed to carry it around and use it around others like you finding other headphones at this price point.


From the quality standpoint, although the finishing touches on the headphone are glossy and usually I am not a big fan. But, I enjoyed these MPOW Bluetooth Headphones. I did not see any residue from touching it, and it stayed clean free of any scratches. After visiting the website, I also found out that this headphone not only comes in the black and red color, but it comes in several different colors such as blue, green, gray, white, and my favorite pink.


Another aspect of MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphone that I liked was the ability to use it for long hours. To be exact 20 hours of music time and talk time on a single charge. Yes, 20 hours although it takes four hours to be charged but, I have to say that I don’t find it too hard to charge my headphones for that time when it gives me 20 hours of use.

So if you are looking for low-cost headphones that offer you a good quality of sound and reasonable build at under $40 I highly recommend the MPOW.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZtHG1-NmA4[/embedyt]


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The Best Companion To Any MacBook PRO

iMXPW OCTANO USB 3.1 Type-C to HDMI Multiport Adapter MacBook Pro 13”/15”, 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 Hub w/Pass-Through Charging Port, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, SD/Micro SD Card Reader 8 in 1(Space Grey)

Best USB C Adaptor for MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is an amazingly fast and revolutionized piece of technology, probably the fastest Tech-Book on the planet. Apple has leveled the odds by manufacturing such an esteemed beauty yet so powerful technological asset the World has ever witnessed.

Except for all the functional parameters, MacBook seems to be lagging in a particular aspect which is the shortage of USB ports. It only facilitates the user with a limited number of USB ports and from those only one being able to serve the purpose of USB type C.

What is USB type C

USB Type-C is a 24 pin USB connector system which provides a distinguishable technological reach, allowing the user to process the requests at a faster pace. Though the MacBook Pro has an explicit THUNDERBOLT design still only one or two USB devices can be facilitated at the same time.


What if we were to tell you that we have something unique and utterly functional adapter which will turn your every external device connected to the MacBook Pro into a USB C type or USB 3.1 interface. With unspeakable speed and perfection. Yes! We are talking about eccentrically designed Dongle for MacBook Pro named iMXPW OCTANO USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Multiport Adapter.

iMXPW OCTANO USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Multiport Adapter

As the name implies this special device allows you to connect a multitude of external devices with the MacBook Pro. The overall interface and the user-friendly set up allow you to function at a proper pace with your MacBook Pro. It also revokes the problem of only getting a high functional speed on a few devices.

iMXPW offers a MacBook oriented design which is slim and sleek with a professional output with unbeatable perfection. The anodized aluminum body allows for better heat dissipation and thus keeping the contents cool and operational at all times.


The attachment mechanism is simple, all you have to do is to connect the iMXPW dongle straight where HDMI area is mounted on the MacBook Pro. It allows you to facilitate a “Plug and play” system, as soon as you have attached the device you can start connecting devices and enjoying unmounted speed within no time.

As far as the connectivity of different devices is concerned, it offers the connectivity of more than 8 external devices at the same time and at the same copy/read virtual speed. The multi-port USB hub provides you with the following Ports;

  1. USB port equipped with Thunderbolt technology
  2. 4K HDMI supported port
  3. Type-C USB 3.0 data port
  4. USB 3.0 supported ports (3)
  5. SD card and Micro SD

All of the ports mentioned above can be used and brought under operation simultaneously. And the smart digital technology does not allow for anything to go slow or lose its functionality, it creates an equally admissible environment for every system to collaborate and work together.

Features & Specifications

Multiports supported USB-C HUB

iMXPW provides various ports for untethered connectivity, meaning that 8 external devices can connect, share or transfer the data simultaneously at an equally functioning speed facilitating the USB C type feature. A plethora of devices including 3 USB devices, external hard drives, digital cameras, a Video output for HDMI along with two distinctive data cards both SD and micro SD.

The connectivity and collaboration are so strong that you won’t even feel even a second of missing out nor any error during the operation. Specifically, designed technology for MacBook Pro makes it more diligent and specific for its activity according to the design and functionality of the MacBook Pro.

Extreme Video Output

As a MacBook Pro user, you might have enjoyed the HDMI function in your device, and it would have gone pretty well. But when you turn on HDMI feature and connect devices on the iMXPW allows you to have a better video quality with esteemed textures and more attention to the details.


The HDMI feature allows up to mesmerizing ultra 4K video quality @ 30Hz or if using the Thunderbolt 3 port, you are likely to get up to ultra 5K supported at 60Hz or two ultra-four K displays @ 60Hz display. You will be getting the following diligent video features using the iMXPW dongle;

  • Improved video quality
  • The better texture of the video
  • Attention to the detail
  • Vivid and bright color patterns all along the display.

Get uncompromised video quality and color schemes on your external display within no time.

Data Transfer

The unparalleled swift transfer of data proves to be a unique hallmark of iMXPW OCTANO, it features the following USB ports for speedy data transfer even swift than the blink of an eye.

  • Thunderbolt type 3 at 40 Gbps
  • USB type-C 3.0 Port (5 Gbps)
  • 3 USB 3.0 supported ports (40 Gbps)
  • SD card and Micro SD reader facilitated at 104 Mbps

The USB C 3.1 data port allows you to copy/read or process the data at 10 Gbps data support, however, it does not support the charging and video output to keep the data speed at its maximum.

Three USB 3.0 supported ports support the 5 Gbps data speed and any three kinds of USB supported can be plugged in and used simultaneously.

The SD card and Micro SD reader allows the transfer of data at a sufficient 104 Mbps speed, and it supports various card formats for your ease and comfort.

MAC-Style design

iMXPW MacBook accessories are so slim and sleek in relation with the MacBook Pro. It has an anodized aluminum platting which allows for proper heat dissipation and keeping the heat out of the system.

The Anti-slip design with a silicon base allows this MacBook adapter to ensure a firm and tight grip with the base. It does not allow the slipping or disconnecting the device from the MacBook Pro, otherwise, users might not be able to complete their data transactions.

What do you get

When you order your iMXPW OCTANO USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Multiport Adapter you will get the following accessories out of the case;

  • A free leather case for holding the device and extended safety
  • An iMXPW OCTANO USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Multiport Adapter for ThinkPad supporting MacBook pro 2018/2017/2016 versions.
  • Lifetime technical support
  • 18 months warranty for any technical problems
  • Friendly customer care

But there are some other intangible prospects which you will get along with the package including;

  • Unparalleled data transfer
  • Ensuring quick and hassle-free data execution
  • Abrupt and high-end video quality facilitating various quality preferences including 5K, 4K or low video settings to 1080p or 720p as well
  • Lifetime support for this port adapter, properly functioning with your MacBook

 Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you genuinely need to change the way you perform tasks on your MacBook Pro and want more diligent features then iMXPW OCTANO USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Multiport Adapter is the best possible choice for you.

Not only it supports the data transfer but the HDMI video quality that it has to offer is also extraordinary. Then, comes the price factor, all of these associations in a cost-effective deal would be a very gentle and humble offer. You can buy iMXPW OCTANO USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Multiport Adapter right away for just $79 including free shipping anywhere from the Amazon.

Enjoy the lightning fast speed and step up the game, you can buy right away the link is in the description;


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Pornhub’s Traffic Surged After YouTube Went Down

YouTube Down, Pornhub Up

Pornhub's Traffic Surged After YouTube Went Down

YouTube Down, Pornhub Up

According to information released by Pornhub yesterday, the site saw a massive traffic right when YouTube was down. Traffic surged with more than 12%, when youtube outage was broadly reported, climaxing with a huge increase of about 21% over the normal traffic.

During this outage, statisticians found that some search terms had increased more in popularity well above their usual average levels. ASMR increased by 201%, as people looking for the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response that was just as likely to find here on Pornhub as on YouTube.

YouTube Down, Pornhub Up

o see how other events cause Pornhub’s traffic to fluctuate, check out our Apple Special Event, 2018 World Cup, Fortnite Server Outage, and Hawaii Missile Alert insights.


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