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Belkin Special Edition Wireless Charging Dock

Belkin BOOST↑UP Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone + Apple Watch

This charging stand is straightforward and very easy to use for wireless charging of the Apple iWatch and your iPhone. I bought this to replace a similar product that I purchased on Kickstarter. The Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock is a, more polished product. The Belkin product also includes the charging device for the iWatch; the previous product did not. This Belkin charger securely holds the iWatch and allows it to display the time in bedside mode. The former product let the iWatch to slide down the side falling off the charger. The Belkin Special Edition Wireless Charging Dock is better thought out and executed the design with a premium look and feel. You cannot go wrong buying this product. The only negative is it is expensive.

All in all, I have to say if you are looking for a significant premium wireless charging dock to handle all your devices, the Belkin Special Edition Wireless Charging Dock is just absolutely worth considering. I think it just speaks volumes that this Belkin Special Edition Wireless Charging Dock is the only option that Apple sells so you can charge three devices at once with no problem.

Belkin Special Edition Wireless Charging Dock

Belkin Special Edition Wireless Charging Dock Specs

  • Available in black or white
  • Delivers 7.5W of power
  • Qi-certified
  • Charges iPhone and Apple Watch wirelessly power a third device with a USB port on the rear
  • Ideal for nightstands and desks (supports Apple Watch Nightstand mode, offers a nice angle to use iPhone while charging)
  • Apple Watch charging puck integrated with charging dock
  • One power supply charges up to 3 devices
  • Works with all Apple Watch generations, and all iPhones that support wireless charging
  • iPhones charge wirelessly with up to 3mm thick cases
  • 3-year warranty and $2,500 connected equipment guarantee

Best way to Properly TINT Your Tesla model 3 in 2019


Best way to Properly TINT Your Tesla model 3 in 2019

In this video, I am documenting tinting a one-piece full back window on a Tesla Model 3. I requested the best tint on the market 20% on the rear window, with 40% on the back doors + quarter windows, and 70% on the front doors. Tesla is notorious for being tricky to install tint on due to the difficulty of the glass size. We have not seen many of these on YouTube and here in this video and decided I would like to show a step by step video of this process. And also, I have to say what a great job they did!!!

Preparing the Windows

  1. Find a clean, dry workspace.
  2. Remove any stickers or adhesives from the windows.
  3. Clean up the windows using soapy water and a 1″ razor blade.
  4. Take a clean rag and dry the window.
  5. Roll the window back up before beginning, but leave your car on.
  6. Determine which side of the tint is adhesive.

Cutting and Measuring Your Tint

  1. Spray the outside of the window with soapy water.
  2. Place the tinting over the outside of the window so that it covers the entire window.
  3. Cut away a manageable slab of tinting.
  4. Spray the front of the film with water.
  5. Take your knife and cut along the bottom and left edges of the window.
  6. Pull the film 1″ towards the left edge.
  7. Cut the right edge, then slide the tint halfway back towards the center.
  8. Pull the film down roughly one inch, so the bottom edge is lower than the window.
  9. Lower the window a half inch, then use the top of the window to cut the film to shape.
  10. Clean up any of the corners that have excess film.
  11. Realign your film so that it fits the window perfectly, with some excess on every edge.
  12. Working from the top down, use a heat gun and a hard card to push the bubbles to the bottom.

Adhering the Tint

  1. Prep the inside of the window with soapy water and a squeegee.
  2. Peel off the top half of the release liner from the tinting film.
  3. Spray off the now-exposed section with fresh water.
  4. Line up and adhere to the top of the tint to the window.
  5. Slightly fold the tint to work it underneath the seal.
  6. Spray down the window again, then use your hard edge to push the water out the edges.
  7. Roll the window up, then spray the bottom half of the window with soapy water.
  8. Pull off the remaining release layer, then spray the exposed tint with water.
  9. Use your fingers and hard edge to tuck the bottom of the tint into the bottom seal.
  10. Smooth out the window with your hard edge, pushing all the water and air bubbles towards the edges.
how to tint tesla model 3

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Budget Home Bluetooth Bluetooth Audio Adapter by Esinkin

Esinkin W29-us Wireless Audio Adapter

Finally, an excellent Bluetooth device that stays on until I turn it off. Makes an excellent tool for just breathing new life into old equipment all the time. Just hooked this up to a compacted to my Onkyo amp that I loved back in the day but had become obsolete for me.

Not anymore! Just plugged in the Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter to the power supply into it and the switched outlet of the amp and right now whenever I like my PC audio to be played through a “real” system, I turn on the amp like old times, and it never sounded so good with no lag.

Unit is about 40 feet and just a couple of rooms/walls from my PC, and it functions just perfect. Best of all, when I have to turn off the amp, the device is also off as well, so my pc reverts to its default audio output device.

I just personally tried everything under the sun that I could find, including numerous Bluetooth speaker setups, but nothing matches the versatility to run old, but high power and quality, equipment as well as the speakers like this unit. (Pulled this unit out from under amp however it usually sits under amp and gives off just a slight blue, glowing light. Great look)

Every once in a while, someone company comes up with a new product that makes things work better for us all. This Bluetooth adapter may be such a creature.

I ordered this Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter to set up a powered speaker system for my bedroom to connect to in her room, but it never made it there at all. I wanted to test the functionality, so I wired it up to my surround system in the living room. Within a couple of seconds, I had it set up and was working great, and it is also cheap.

Setup was almost non-existent for this, and it worked right out of the box; the only decision point for me was whether I need a mini jack plugged in or the RCA pair to connect the wire to the device. After hooking it up to the audio connection and the power, push the button, and you have your desired source device to find the adapter via Bluetooth and pair it.

My wife came down from her room to see what was up and she completely flipped over being able to connect up and play her music without having to track down all the connecting cables or put her phones “on a leash” for it to work. My body was packing up one Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter for his freshman year of college, and he begged to take the adapter along with him. Hence, we just ended up ordering one additional adapter for the house. So, the original now resides in his dorm.

The only glitch I ran into while testing the applications of this adapter was that with one laptop that had an older Bluetooth adaptor. The computer kept asking for a new PIN code for the audio adapter every time, and the adapter has just no way of displaying a PIN but just put 0000 or 1234, and you are good to go.

I picked up a current generation dongle for my old mac, and the issue has cleared. However, this is just a consideration for connecting to computers. But, phones, on the other hand, connect up seamlessly in just seconds.

Even with my computer connection hangup, this cheap adapter is well worth the $22. I now have one on my primary surround sound system and one connected to my wife’s speaker set in addition to the one more than left for college dorm life with my body. The two are two floors apart, so we have not experienced any crossover interference with them thus far.

Being able to connect Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter easily to my old receiver without having to set or fiddle around with wires is only fantastic, and I now look forward to repurposing the device to run a set of speakers out in our graveyard for this Halloween without endangering a new source device.

  • Listen music wireless: Stream your audio entertainment from your smartphone or tablet. Listen to music through your perfect sound system from your smartphone or tablet with perfect sound quality
  • Easy to setup: Simply pair your smartphone or tablet to the audio adapter with a single button press
  • Superior acoustics: Don’t compromise on sound delivers high-quality acoustics
  • Works with most speakers: Plug the adapter into any A/V receivers and any powered speakers using standard RCA or 3.5mm jacks
  • Long wireless range: Stream and control your music with a reliable connection from up to 15 meters 50-ft, 1 Year warranty. Read Mor

What’s in the package:

1×Bluetooth receiver

1×Power adapter

1×3.5mm Audio cable

1×User manual

The Best Lighting for Computer Work | BenQ ScreenBar Lite

What’s special about the BenQ light bar lamp?

According to the “All About Vision,” 50 to 90 percent of our computer users experience some eye strain or other visual-related symptoms. By adequately lighting our computer work area, we can reduce or eliminate these bothersome eye issues. Make your computer workspace more user-friendly with just the right lighting to help decrease computer glare and shadows, that provide optimal task lighting, and even reduce excessive illumination. Here comes BenQ ScreenBar Lite.

  • Auto-dimming by a built-in ambient light sensor
  • Specially designed clip for laptops
  • No glare with precision workspace illumination

BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite-Black:

  • When you just need a bit of extra light in your area around your computer screen without causing any screen glare, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus is just the perfect option.

Have you ever sat on your Pc to do some work and you have found that the lighting is not adequate? As if the monitor screen is blocking your light source and you can’t correctly read or write documents near your display.

The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite has got your back to provide you with the best lighting to do your work with ease. It takes the support of the same obstacle that was coming in the way of your light, i.e., the same monitor which was blocking your light and made it difficult to see your work is now the same stand on which theBenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite stands and gives you adequate light to perform your work even behind the screen.

BenQ ScreenBar Lite review

BenQ ScreenBar Lite Features:

The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite comes with many functionalities and uses; it is the best desk lamp on the market with many features:


BenQ ScreenBar Lite has a light sensor built-in that checks for ambiance and adjust the brightness automatically according to the ambiance and preset requirements while the brightness can also be manually adjusted by the help of the control on the touch sensor. So that you have the optimum light for your desk, not too bright to hurt your eyes and not too dim to ruin the purpose of a desk lamp.

Auto Dimming is an innovative feature which adjusts the lighting without the user’s effort to dim it manually.


The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite is designed in such a way that, standing on the monitor of the computer, it does not interfere with the screen, i.e., there is no screen glaring which makes it challenging to look at the screen. It is designed in such an optically asymmetrical design that makes sure that the light only reaches the desk and does not get reflected on the screen so that you have optimum light on your desk and no interference with the workings on your monitor.


The BenQ ScreenBar Lite is designed to be clipped on your computer or monitor screen so that it takes minimal space while providing optimum lighting on the desk. Usually, desk lamps take up ample space on the desk and can be a nuisance to set up as the desk space is for work. This is why The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite fits on the monitor screen and attaches easily on the monitor screen so that it takes little to no desk space and you have all the workspace for yourself making it the most efficiently designed lamp on the market.

“Work is an endless onslaught; it’s essential that you have the optimal lighting conditions whenever, wherever you choose to succeed.”


The best part about The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite is that it doesn’t need to be plugged into a socket to get power. Some lamp is attached on the monitor screens but requires it to be plugged in a wall socket which defeats the purpose of a space-saving desk lamp as the wire will always come in your way and will be an obstacle especially if you have no wall space for the cable. But The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite is USB powered so it can be plugged into a spare USB port on your computer, in your power bank or even in your phone by a USB OTG cable. It is a bright desk lamp which resumes your last settings of color temperature and brightness settings when turned on after a time.


The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite has a setting to adjust the color temperature settings of the lamp from warm to cool so that you can change the light according to your needs. It is proven that warm glow is helpful in reenergizing and helping you to relax while cool light makes you more focused and helps you in concentrating on your work more attentively. The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite has provided you with the feature to adjust the color temperature of the lamp according to your working needs as you like.


The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite comes in a matte black elegant looking design so that when it is attached on the top of your monitor screen it doesn’t take away the beautiful look of your laptop or monitor screen but in return further beautify your computer.


You rarely get a desk lamp which is smart enough to be controlled by an app, But for the BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite, you can download the ScreenbarSmartLite App to control the light brightness, the warmth of the color settings, hue adjustment, balancing the ambient light. With the help of the light sensor inside the lamp, the intensity will be automatically adjusted, but if you prefer a manual touch to the brightness and warmth adjusting, then you can download the app to your laptop and sync the light to be controlled by your computer.

To Sum Up:

The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite is an excellent and smart desk lamp with many features to help you in your work, and the color adjustment can alter your mood from focused to relaxation mood to energize yourself and relax, and it can be adjusted to a cool temperature to help you in concentration for performing focused work. With the automatic adjusting of the brightness by the help of light sensor is an excellent and unique feature while it can also be manually adjusted by touch sensor or merely downloading the SmartLite App and control it digitally from your computer.

The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite brings you the ease of taking minimal desk space by clipping to your monitor screen and being powered by USB cable so that you don’t have to find a socket to plug in your desk lamp.

With mostly positive reviews and pricing which is worth the performance it is providing, The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite should be the priority for any person who wishes for an aesthetically designed lamp with the functionality delivered as promised and a lamp that takes up minimal desk space.

BenQ ScreenBar Lite Color;

All eight colors are compliant with the ANSI white color standard:
6500K (daylight), 5700K (cool white), 5000K, 4500K (neutral white), 4000K, 3500K (warm white), 3000K and 2700K (soft white).

Click here to buy the BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite-Black desk lamp. Read More


How Not to Get Lost in the Woods & Survival Tips if it Happens | Garmin Foretrex 601

Garmin Foretrex 601

The Garmin Foretrex 601 is one of the latest outdoor wearables from Garmin. The rugged look of the Foretrex 601 is excellent for military operations, hunting, and even scientific field work, still great for outdoor usage such as hiking and also taking your dog for a walk.

Compared to the Foretrex 401 that was the older version, the new model (601 and 701) provides some upgrades and improvements both in functionality and look, e.g.. Increased battery life up to 48 hour on a single charge (AAA battery), a USB port in the battery compartment, GPS & GLONASS & GALILEO satellite systems that help you navigate much more accurately, now with a 2″ display and a much higher resolution, that is equipt with a 3-axis compass, Bluetooth LE connectivity, and more saved tracks, …

Foretrex 601 by garmin

I have tested the Foretrex 601 on my travel and found some pros as well as cons.

What we especially like about this is the hand’s free navigation that can make your life so much easier– you can now focus on the trail ahead and the physical button for operating your device with mitts. The Garmin Foretrex 601 weights at only 101 g (3.6 oz) with strap and batteries (this is amazing). That is not featherweight at all, however in the same ballpark as the much smaller Fenix 5X at (98 g, 3.5 oz), that is another exceptional hands-free navigation device that is made by Garmin (but more expensive …).

In addition,

Another great feature is the amazing battery life, that helps you get up to 48 hours out of them. I tested the Foretrex with Eneloop batteries and found out that it can run between 21:15 hh:mm. (Power mode: with the backlight always in the on position, GPS & GLONASS, active navigation, and track recording) and the 45:30 hh:mm (energy saving mode: with the backlight off, GPS only, with no navigation, track recording). The lithium batteries or in UltraTrac mode it will last even longer time (Garmin claims it to be up to one week).

But, I found some quirks like missing features in it (e.g., waypoint averaging, or the automatic track archiving, and barometric pressure plot) or waypoint names with eight characters. read more,

My biggest problem solved | Falcon Eyes RX-24TDX

Falcon Eyes 24TDX Review

Massive Video LED Light Mat!

These Falcon Eyes RX-24TDX lights are just THE BEST. I have personally, had them for a while now, and they are quickly replacing all of my existing soft lights, including my Kino 4 ft 4 banks.

I bought three of them after this video (one RX24 and two RX18’s). I just bring them on every shoot. Color on daylight end is just spot on. The color on the tungsten end is only a hair magenta for my liking, so for that, I carry a little 1/8 plus green if I needed. And most of the time, I never notice it.

These lights are just super bright. For any interview lighting, I have often got these Falcon Eyes RX-24TDX dimmed down to about 10-20%. For fill lighting, just set them at 1% and it is often too bright. You can definitely push these through full silk for a soft interview key lighting.

In hindsight, I think that the RX18’s are just a better deal. They even come with the pancake lantern attachment to them while the RX24’s don’t. Though the RX24’s come with an eggcrate and my RX18’s didn’t (i like it when they come).

I had to get the egg crate softboxes separately (not my liking) for the RX18’s for $79 each but totally worth it. Not sure if those come with the RX18’s now or not. Anyway, the ballast and power supply are smaller for the RX18’s and I sort of wish that my 3 light kits had three matching ballasts and power supplies. Tiny gripe, however, I have to tell to others each time not to plug the large ballast power supply into the smaller lights.

Here are some uses for this light: with them, you can velcro or tape them to anything such as ceilings, walls, car ceilings, and etc. You can just boom them out to a cheap photo boom since they weigh next to nothing. Or roll them up into a small tube for vanity style lighting over bathroom mirrors, or under bars, etc. The pancake shape lantern means that I don’t need to bring China balls and fragile light with me anymore to set.

Only downsides on these lights:

1) The weight of the actual ballasts and power supplies. For travel, the kit gets very heavy.

2) They are a bit slow to set up and take time. You have to assemble the Falcon Eyes RX-24TDX softboxes first, attach the diffusion and eggcrate (its time consuming), connect the ballast then, power supply, and finally the header cable. For me, it is not really a big deal. However, I do not like throwing Diva light on the stand or popping open on a Lowel Rifa light.

3) Velcro attachments are to wear from use where the diffusers velcro to the softboxes. I may need repair in the future or replace them. Hot glue gun should do the trick for me.

4) One other thing that the RX24 has knobs, and the RX18 has buttons (I like them both). But I was really worried that the knobs would break off at some point in time, so I am extra careful when packing the lights and other stuff.

But I after using them now I think that I prefer knobs over the buttons. If you did pick up the Falcon Eyes RX-18TDX ballast to move it, you would change the color temp and dimmer the settings because the buttons are too sensitive. I personally have to check these all the time before I roll on set because it happens too often. It would be just great if there were an extra button just to lock settings. I think the Kino Freestyle design is better with a knob on the end of the ballast where it is not going to break off when packed. read more.

What is .TUBE


There are thousands of amazing .tube #domains available right now. Get yours today.

Get yours @ https://www.live.tube

Why #Tube?

Unlike a typical .com, .tube is a space you design and control.

Who’s Using It?

.tube Crew is made up of elite #influencers and video creators who connect with their viewers.
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Where Can I Get It?

There are thousands of amazing .tube addresses available right now. Enter your desired name to check availability and find your .tube!

live.tube is just life-changing for your channel.

Brand your video content with a .tube domain

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You’ll have complete control to do whatever you want with your .TUBE domain, with great benefits to help you overcome some of the downsides of sticking exclusively to traditional video channels:

  • Integration with your existing channel
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  • Integration with other channels

Bellroy Work Folio A5 | Just a masterpiece


A cluttered mind and desk can never be productive. Being organized is the key to success and a good work folio can help you achieve that. 

Technology has certainly taken over the minds of the youth and are obviously considered essential too. However, just like the invention of a tablet, has not been the death of laptops and as the innovation of laptops has still not been the death of PC; some things, always hold their own importance. Thus, a good work folio is very crucial for having a clutter free mind and desk and to boost productivity as well. 

bellroy folio a5 review, the best of the best

Features to Consider while buying a Work Folio

There are various options out there, in the market, when it comes to investing in a good work folio. However, there are some things that one must consider before buying one. At first sight, you might think that getting a work folio is one of the easiest things but if it is not portable and does not have good storage; trust us, it is not efficient enough for you. Here are 3 important features that you must look for, while buying a work folio: 

  • Functionality is very important. You need to see whether the work folio is functional or not. If it is not portable or is not helping you in organizing your things in a proper manner, then it is simply of no help. Thus, know what your requirements are and buy accordingly. 
  • Secondly, you need to consider the storage. What are you looking to keep within it and what is the size of your notebook or documents that you will be carrying inside? Considering it all, see the number of pockets that the work folio has and how many sections does it provide. 
  • Lastly, don’t forget that the material of the work folio is very crucial to consider too. The material basically proves the durability of the work folio. Genuine leather work folios are the best pick to make as they are durable and extremely long lasting too. Your investment really pays off. 

Once you have sorted out these three basic features, you will be able to get the best work folio for yourself. But before you start looking for some work folios, we have a wonderful suggestion for you right here! 

Bellroy Work Folio

Bellroy has gotten your worries sorted out with there amazing A5 size work folio. It helps you incredibly in keeping your books and other important elements, organized. With a clutter free mind and desk, you are able to be more productive with the help of this leather made work folio. 

The size of Bellroy Work Folio is 5.8 x 8.3 inch, which fits A5 documents and notebooks perfectly. Famous brand notebooks like Rhodia and Fabriano fit into this work folio without any trouble. It comes with a pen holder and pockets for your e-reader, phone or a small tablet as well. Big sized tablets won’t fit in here (consider the size A5). It is made up of genuine leather and is eco-friendly too. The best part is that Bellroy has a 3 year warranty with this work folio as well. If anything goes wrong; you can simply contact them and get it fixed within no time. 

Great for keeping things Composed

Everybody hates it when their folders become chunky, if you stuff some extra things in it. However, with bellroy work folio; you can set that annoyance aside. It has a great composure as it keeps everything, packed within, in a great way. Just close the zip and you can hide a world of things inside it. 

Your day gets Sorted

With Bellroy work folio, your things for an entire day get sorted out. You can even ditch your handbag, if you want to. From your phone to your earbuds and from your documents to your tablet and notebook; this work folio carries everything within it. You can rely on this work folio for everything. 

You get a notebook along

The work folio comes along with a Bellroy notebook of A5 size. As soon as you get it, you can start writing down your plans or make your list of “to-do” things on it right away. If you don’t have an A5 notebook already, then there is literally nothing to worry about as the work folio has it all set for you. 

Travel Partner

This work folio is extremely portable and can be your travel partner as well. It has sufficient pockets to hold your passport and tickets etc. as well. Keep your boarding passes and ebooks or simply anything in it and it will fit just right. 

Great Design and Wonderfully Spacious

The work folio by Bellroy has been designed very thoughtfully. It is composed of genuine leather and has been crafted with care, from the best designers ever. Its outward expansion and has a separate spacing inwards, in the below section. This makes it pretty spacious and allows you to organize a bundle of things within a single work folio. 


Technology might have taken over several things but nothing beats the importance of portfolios or work folio folders. They are the key to organization and help you attain a clutter free environment too. If you have a lot spread over your desk and have simply no idea about how to put it all together in once place; then you certainly need to buy the Bellroy Work Folio right away. You can click on this link to get it; Folio A5

It is available in 4 different colors and you can buy the one that you like the best. Made up of environment friendly material, this is the best choice to make this year, for keeping your productivity, along with you, wherever you go. 

You won’t regret investing in it at all. It is durable, long lasting and very user friendly. Step outside your home with all the essentialities that you want to and forget about getting everything messed up.


bellroy folio a5 review as seen on

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Braun Series 9 – 9290cc Electric Shaver Review


Braun Series 9 Review

I waited a few months after the purchase to write this. Bought this to replace a Series 7 after the base-to-shaver communication failed after about eight years. The big question for most purchasers is Series 9 or 7. Note that there are two “runs” of the 9. The 90xx is the original design that had some head failure issues. The 92XX is the newer design. There are still many 90xx being sold, especially from discount houses. I chose to go with the latest model even though it was a few bucks more. Here are my observations using it.

Braun Series 9 - 9290cc Electric Shaver Review

Whitebeard hairs:

The Braun Series 9 – 9290cc Electric Shaver 9 wins hands down. The Braun Series 9 has an extra cutter in the middle of the head that is designed for stubborn white hairs that stick out a resist electric razors. If you look at photos, you will see that the 7 has one central cutter, while the 9 has two cutters, each with a different design.


Depends. The 7 has a clipper, like a small barber’s clipper that flips out from the side of the unit. The 9 has a small cutter that slides up above the primary cutter and looks like a “personal groomer.” The seven is probably better at sideburns, but the 9 is better at everything else (especially “personal grooming” if you get my drift.


The Braun 9 by a little. Speed is listed as a benefit, but I found it only a little faster.


Braun Series 9 is quieter, but far from silent.


First, buy the cleaning base with either. It is a system. Many troubleshooting FAQs involved undoing problems caused by never using the base and only cleaning manually. That said. The 9 base is more significant. It is also shiny black, so it looks cool but shows dust more. The Braun Series 9 dries with a fan rather than a heater. This means it supposedly dries faster, but it also means that you smell the alcohol in the cleaner solution more. Since I shave only once a day, I actually liked the 7 base better.


Braun Series 7 wins. The Braun 7 has an led “dial” with multiple levels of cleanliness on the handle. The 9 only has a “drop” symbol to indicate clean, but no sense of how dirty.


Tie. Never had a problem with either. This is another reason to have the base. Lithium batteries like to stay fully charged. The base ensures that. Expected battery life is 3-5 years. My 7 is still going strong after 8 (I kept it as a travel shaver).

Bottom line:

If you are at the age where white hair is cropping up in your beard, spend the extra for the Braun Series 9. If you really hate the smell of alcohol in the morning, get the Braun 7. Otherwise, it becomes a matter of aesthetics. The 7 gives you at least 90% of the performance of the 9 but for a lot fewer $.

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Google Pixel 3a The phone that gets things done


Google Pixel 3a

Pixel 3a is an affordable variant of pixel 3. It has almost the same features or better but at a reasonable price. Google launched Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in 2018 that offered really good camera and battery performance but at a really high price.

No one expected Google to launch a mid-price smartphones early after the launch of Pixel 3. This shows that Google has changed its track and now is trying to reach more customers with the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. A huge drop in the price would definitely allow more people to buy Google’s Smartphone that would benefit the Google Pixel series in the long run.

Google made the official announcement of Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL on 7 May 2019. People were able to buy them from the store on 8 May 2019, though the US residents were able to buy them online before the release date.

The Good The Pixel 3A is cheaper than the original Pixel 3. but packs the same grade-A camera that shoots great in low light. It can also record time-lapse videos and has a headphone jack.


Pixel 3a Specifications

google pixel 3a spec

Pixel 3a Design and Display

Not much has changed design-wise in Pixel 3a as compared to the Pixel 3. The phone’s body is pretty much similar with rounded edges and screen covers. One prominent change in the design is the use of plastic instead of glass, the glass design for Pixel 3 was really liked by the customers, but Google deemed fit to change it, and so the Pixel 3 is made of Polycarbonate. It is not as stylish as glass but still looks good.

The design on the back is almost the same, on top, there is a matt back panel with a glass window and same size bezels on bottom and top of the screen. The rear camera and the flash are placed on the left on the back of the phone. The USB port is at the bottom, whereas the power button and power rocker are at the right side on the back.

One good addition to the phone is a headphone jack which was missing from the Pixel 3 and is not often found in the mid-range phones. There are no stereo speakers and dual selfie camera on the front, and there is only one front-facing speaker, giving it a more straightforward look.

Surprisingly Pixel 3a is bigger in size than Pixel 3 even though it is much cheaper. Its dimensions are 151.3 x 70.1 x 8.2mm, and its weight is 148g, so that is not heavy, thanks to its plastic material.

It is light and small as compared to many of its rivals, so you can hold it easily and use one-handed. The display is full HD, and the resolution is 2220 x 1080. The small screen makes your media appear in more detail.

Pixel 3a is available in three colors, black, white, and purple-ish. Black and white are from the pixel three, whereas purple-ish is totally a new color.

Performance and battery

This device represents the Excellency of design and performance. It has 4GB RAM, which gives you the best performance possible. It is more than enough RAM enables you to run multiple apps at the same time, and this Smartphone will not experience any lag in the performance. It makes switching between the apps fairly quick and swiping to and between home pages smooth. The apps after loading run how they are supposed to and give the best speed. It also has the latest version of Android, i.e. Android 9.0 Pie which accompanied by the 64GB of internal memory or ROM, and the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 increases its prestige among other devices and which makes the people like it even more. With 64GB of internal memory, you can store everything in your own mobile, and there is no need for an external memory card chip, so this device is economical from every point of view. The highest quality of the processor system has a responding time beyond your desire and will provide the highest speed while opening and closing the apps and performing other functions. Its highest level of security and OS prevents your phone from being vulnerable to any outside threats, and it has a custom-built Titan M chip which helps you protect all the sensitive data that you have in your Smartphone.

Now, if we come to talk about its battery timing, you will not find a better Smartphone at its price than this one. It has a non-removable Li-Po battery which has a capacity of 3000 mAH. This Smartphone has a fast charging function enabled in it, which gives you 7 hours of run time with an only 15-minute charge.  You can use it all day and not care about charging it once you have completely charged it.

pixel 3a color

Camera specifications

  • Settings                                Exposure compensation, ISO control
  • Camera Features               Fixed Focus
  • Shooting Modes                Continuous Shooting, High Dynamic Range

mode (HDR)      

  • Image Resolution               4032 x 3024 Pixels          
  • Autofocus                            Yes Phase Detection autofocus, Dual Pixel 


  • Sensor                                   Exmor-RS CMOS Sensor
  • Flash                                      Yes Dual LED Flash
  • Video Recording                1920×1080 @ 30 fps, 1280×720 @ 30 fps

Its high-quality camera is the defining feature of this Smartphone. All of the mobile phones that are manufactured by the Google Company have the highest quality cameras possible. Google Pixel Company is known for the best quality cameras, and this Smartphone is an excellent example of it.

The camera of this Smartphone always lets you take enhanced pictures with the HDR+ feature. Night Sight is one of the best and unique features of the phone Pixel 3a. This mode lets you take pictures in the dark, and it brightens up the darkest features or spots of the picture and provides you with the most beautiful and colorful portraits. The only thing that you need to be careful about is to make sure that the object that you want to focus is in good light and it will provide you with the best results. It also lets you edit them in depth after capturing the picture.

The viewfinder is another feature that is enabled in the camera of this phone, which also helps you take outstanding pictures. This feature lets you keep your object in focus and gives it proper exposure. You need to tap on the object to focus it, and it will autofocus once the object moves and it will adjust all the settings automatically. To adjust exposure on the object, you need to tap on it and hold and then drag on the viewfinder. This Smartphone can also make videos of the 4k quality. Among other outstanding features, it also has Motion Auto Focus, which takes clear pictures of the moving objects. You can also shoot a number of photos at a time using the SmartBurst option enabled in the camera.

The camera of this Smartphone has a lot of other features, to get to know them and make the most out of them, you need to experiment with all the tools and select the ones that you find most interesting and helpful.

Explore new limits with google assistant

In the form of google assistant, this phone brings you features that let you send texts and do much more using only your voice. You can set alarms, set reminders, use google maps and set directions on them, and answer phone calls using this feature. If you squeeze the phone you will be able to access google assistant.

It’s everything you love about Google in a phone, packed with features that boost your productivity and focus.

Pixel 3a price

Its price is the best thing about it that makes this phone a lot more attractive. You can purchase it for $399 from GOOGLE, with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, whereas the Pixel 3 costs $799, so you get the 80% experience of the Pixel 3 at a half price. If you want to buy Pixel 3a XL, it is available for $480.

pixel 3a price

Who should buy it?

Not everyone can afford a 1000 dollar mobile phone. It is usually considered that if you want a phone with a high-quality camera and solid software, you need to spend a good amount of money. Moreover, if you cannot spend that much money, you will have to compromise on features and performance. Well, no one likes that. So, if you are one of those who can spend a lot and do not want to compromise on the performance and either then this phone is for you.

This phone is for those who want to get things done and done well. It is better than its rivals like Samsung Galaxy S10e, it is less expensive, and its camera quality is better. The specifications on paper cannot sum up the real experience, and only if you use it, you would know how great it is.

There are just a few top-devices that offer such great experience at this price. Google’s efforts are appreciable for making such an incredible phone for really a low price without compromising on the overall performance.

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