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I Got BestOnly Bluetooth Speakers & Bluetooth Headphones in 2018

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Bluetooth speakers come in different sizes, shapes, models, and colors.  Some come in pocket-size speaker system, but you’d be astonished at how small music box could exude great and clear sound.  That is the gap innovation has constantly sought to bridge.

Today, unlike yesteryears, you do not have to worry about moving heavy boxes to your party ground.  With Bluetooth speakers, you get as much clear music as you will need.  Huge musical boxes have been replaced with huge sound-exuding handy devices.  That is amazing! All thanks to the continuous quest for better and stronger innovations.

Technologists are continually searching for more ways to improve the quality, durability, flexibility, and features of countless products so that users can relish some good level of comfort while using them.   Bluetooth speakers are some of the high tech innovations that ooze out music wirelessly from very handy devices.

Why You Need Bluetooth Speakers:

  • It saves you more space

Maybe your apartment does not have space for more gadgets, Bluetooth speakers are the best option for you.

  • It is handier and can be moved with ease

This is unlike music box of yesteryears that come in very huge boxes. It can be taken to nearly everywhere with ease.

  • It gives you quality and clear sound

Bluetooth speakers ooze out great and loud clear sound.  This is one feature of the product that amazes people.

  • You could stream music from other devices

Bluetooth Speakers connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth devices such as your phones, your tablets, and other devices. This way, you could play music stored on your phones, tablets, and laptops from your Bluetooth speakers.

  • They are compacted and could be placed anywhere

Need great sound in your car, home or office? A Bluetooth speaker does it better.  Wherever you need clear sound music, this unique innovative product fits in.

  • It connects other devices at astonishing speed

Once you need music from other Bluetooth devices, it just plays on your speaker at a speed that will surprise you.

  • It connects a distance as long as over 30 feet:

Not only that your Bluetooth speakers connect with other devices at astonishing speed, it has the capacity to connect them from a distance as long as 30 feet away.

Features of Bluetooth Speakers

  • Little music box, great sound

You’d be amazed at how little music box could exude such great and clear sound.  Some Bluetooth speakers come in a pocket-size speaker system.  But the beauty lies more in the sound than in the size.  This is great for outdoor social outings.  You do not have to worry about carrying a huge box of music again.

  • Neat and clear sound system for your homes, cars or offices

Wherever you use your Bluetooth speaker – on the dining table, in the office, in your car or in your party ground, you’d be sure of the clean sound quality. And of course wirelessly too.

  • There is hardly interferences

The great features built in on Bluetooth speakers enable you to establish a stable connection with other devices without fear of interferences.  It does not require cables or adapters.  Installation and usage could just be done by anyone without extensive prior tech experience.

  • It is huge fun for your outdoor outings

Whether you’re calling out your friends for a get together in neighborhood garden or in the sandy beach, with this simple unique technology, you can be sure to catch your fun and relish good music seamlessly. Furthermore, it can connect with other devices with ease allowing transfer of files and music from devices as far as 30 feet away.



Countless people around the world are going for Bluetooth headphones because of its wonderful features.  Latest innovations have taken care of the fears and complaints people hitherto had about headphones.  Before now, such complaints center on the quality of the sound and in some cases, the life-span of its battery.  All these have changed for good.

Today, you could dump your phone indoors while working out outside and still get your calls and listen to your chosen music.  You could just combine so many chores with great musical excitement with your Bluetooth headphones.

Above all,

With beautiful innovation, you can connect to multiple devices at once, so you’re not plugging and unplugging every time you stand up.   These and many more are some of the improvements and modifications that have taken place within these years.

Among many features of this latest tech include:

  • Flexible neckband design:

It has earphones with built-in silicone neckband design, comfortable to be worn, and flexible and portable.

  • Vibrates when there is a call coming in

You do not need to be worried about missing calls when you are not wearing the earplugs.  The Bluetooth headset vibrates independently when a call is coming in and thus you are alerted about the call.

  • It has long battery lifespan

The improved lithium battery guarantees up to over 9 hours talking time, 8 hours of non-stop music time and up to 300 hours of standby time.

  • It is compatible with all Bluetooth devices

Yes.  This wireless headphone supports dual Bluetooth pairing and thus is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled phones, devices, and gadgets.

  • Clear and hassle-free sound

This product has built-in HD microphone which can transmit crystal clear voice for hassle-free discussions.  You do not have to strain your ears to hear what is being said.  You can easily multifunction using the control button that enables you to switch to call or music.  Whatever you want to do is possible with the control button.

  • Great sound quality:

You have peace of mind when you speak or receive a call.  The sound comes as clear as when you are talking on the phone.  The person at the other end receives the sound as if your month is right on the mic.

Other great features of Bluetooth headphone is the fact that it comes with different earplug sizes.  It has its own unique charger that helps you charge whenever the need arises. It comes with a micro USB cord that you use to charge it. No plug outlet.

Why users like the Bluetooth headphones:

  • The headphones are so comfortable and do not create any uneasiness for you
  • The earpieces are silken soft, pliable and do not hurt or leave a red mark on your ear after wearing it. Unlike other buds
  • They are comfortable to be worn while working out
  • The sound quality is astonishingly great and clear
  • The earpieces are magnetic to each other when not in use. This way, they do not dangle or flop everywhere.
  • It is very easy to set up the Bluetooth parts
  • It takes less time to fully charge the battery.
  • The Bluetooth covers an incredible distance, up 30 feet
  • It also tells you when you have a call and who is calling you
  • One of the most comfortable features is that it is wireless with a great price for its overall quality

Today, Bluetooth headphones have become the closest companions of users, especially during house chores, outdoor activities (jog, running), workouts and even in offices.



Summary The product is small, easy to carry. The sound is loud and clear, no noisy. Listening to music when take a shower using this speaker is fun, I loves it. So far so good.

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