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USB-C, technically known as USB Type-C, is the emerging standard for charging and transferring data and this is the best USB C adapter by QacQoc.

It has been a long time since I moved from Windows to Mac. And after buying my first Mac, I did not have that many problems because of all the ports that the regional Mac Pro used to give me. However, After upgrading to the new MacBook Pro with the touch bar, everything changed. Not having all the ports that I was used to was a bit hard to deal with it. But as time passed and technology evolved USB type-C became more usual than before. Companies around the ward start to our life much more comfortable by creating such equipment.

The problem that I was still facing was having one unit for all so all my equipment instead of having dongle’s over and over for each one of my equipment. Finally, this product can give me what I was looking for in a USB Type C adapter. An all in one USB type C adapter that can make your life easy with everything you may need; a landline connection, micro SD card reader, regular SD card reader, USB type 3 adaptor, and everything in between.

On top of that, if you don’t have an extra USB type C to charge your computer simultaneously. However, QacQoc this product got you cover. This truly is a life-changing unit although, it has Some issues such as the cable being little fragile or being a little too shiny for my taste. I still have to say that this unit is, without doubt, a great addition to any system.