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Best Smart Plug For Alexa + Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Best Smart Plug For Alexa is what you need. Want to make an ordinary appliance or any electronic device smart with smart plug Alexa. Or do you like to be able to turn on or off an electric heater in your home that you left on from your smartphone? Or even better by using your voice via Amazon Alexa, Siri, or google assistance. Then a smart plug is what you need. If you like to take the first step to make your home smart, it all starts here.

A smart plug sits just between the electronic device that you like to control and your wall socket. Next, using the app or your voice, you can easily toggle power on or off to any device, turning your dumb gadgets in smart.

So what type of smart plugs are available for you?

All smart plugs have the same concept and mostly work roughly the same way. However, some use different protocols for controlling your, and the app may be different. Perhaps the most common smart plugs to use are the Wi-Fi enabled plugs that connect directly to the home network that you have. These types of plug require no additional hardware or hassle. As long as they are in an area with an excellent wireless connection.

Such a smart plug will also work anywhere in your home or office. So, dont you think that this is the Best Smart Plug For Alexa.

Next are the smart plugs that use different communications protocols. Those plugs connect through a hub with a central connection device. Although, such a smart plug Alexa can be cheaper in price. But I think the main reason to buy smart plugs is that they integrate with other systems without any problem or hassle.

What about voice control and are they compatible with virtual assistants?

While many app control devices are used to have, the ultimate way of having a smart home is to have voice-assistant support. This option is increasingly important to me personally. Having such ability will allow you to control any of your smart plugs with just using your voice. Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google assistance support are the most popular among voice control technology.

However, unfortunately currently, the Apple HomeKit support is not that popular. But the Best Smart Plug For Alexa rocks.

WiFi Smart Outlet, HUGOAI Mini Smart Plug 2 Pack by HUGOAI

The HUGOAI WiFi Smart Plug is amazing and also very inexpensive smart plugs in 2018. Just by spending about $19 you can quickly make your home smart with this smart plug Alexa. The plugs are very smooth and good looking. Although the quality of the actual plug is nut supper good, I have to give it 8/10 for the price. The HUGOAI WiFi Smart Outlet is very simplistic and also small in size. With this plug, you can easily control anything plugged into it.

You have many options to manage your device, physically, through the app, or by using your vice via VA. The native app is actually not bad and can make your life so much easier but be giving you the ability to set time and manipulate your devices connected to it. The Smart life app is able to quickly detect and set up your plug to work with any phone without any problem.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug Outlet Timer Mini Socket By Esicoo

I was looking forward to an easy way to have the ability to control my nightlights in my rooms before even going to sleep. And with this smart WI-FI plug or smart plug Alexa, everything can be done without any difficulty. And that was the answer to my problem. It does easily work with a good range over my wifi network and even works while I am not home. This smart plug not only can help you turn ON/OFF a plugged it can also be set to work as a timer.

Or even be set to work as a countdown timer for your home. But this Best Smart Plug For Alexa is amazing.

Basically, whatever you like to do you can do with this. It will also give you the ability to set it for the days of the week you want your items to work. The wifi plug by Esicoo is very easy to set-up. Personally, I am planning to get more of them.

how does it work?

To start pairing your device, just turn off the WiFi Smart Outlet, HUGOAI and hold the power button for about five seconds, or until you see the LED light Starts flashing. When the LED light is flashing, the app will automatically be able to detect and easily pair your smart plugs in no time. Once paired, you can do whatever you like and control the plug with your voice assistance. Such as Alexa, google assistant, or IFTTT, or by the app on android and apple phone.

This Smart plug has a 10 amp rating, and it is perfect for most of your household electronics. The plug by Hugoai is the excellent alternative at a higher price over the expensive smart plugs that can almost do the exact same thing.