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Best Noise Cancelling Headphone in 2018

The Bose QC 35 II is indeed one of the best headphones in the market in 2018. For years I have trusted the Bose quality to provide the best audio and have been using them since I remember. Today, I decided to say goodbye to my Gen one quiet comfort and say hello to the new generation Bose QC 35. It has been indeed one of the best decision that I have ever made and will never look back.

However, I have to say that if you own the first generation, you may not find that much of a difference between the audio quality, design, nor the feel of the headphone. But what separates this headphone from the previous generation is the ability for it to connect to your device or multiple devices via Bluetooth connectivity.


The ease of use of this headphone has been astonishing. Compare to the other noise-canceling headphones in the market this one truly stands apart and can take the crown to be number one in the best noise canceling headphones. Both in 2018 or even 2019. I don’t know what is next and may come in future, but I can comfortably say that this headphone by far surpasses other headphones in the market.



One of the features that I truly love about this headphone is the ability to connect to multiple devices without a hassle. When using this device, I have no problem of switching between my iPhone or my iPad or when I wanted to play on my PlayStation. Also, it is worth mentioning that having the ability to press a button and choose the level of your active noise canceling is quite useful at times.

Alexa or Google  Assistance

I have to say that when I was told that this headphone has the ability to use Alexa or Google assistance I thought to myself that I would never use it. But after using it for once or twice, I found myself using that a small button on the left side of my headphone pretty often to ask questions and find traffic information or to get the weather update.

The balanced audio performance that this headphone has is remarkable. Some may disagree with the quality of sound in Bose and call them dry but personally, I have used many headphones in the same spectrum and found the Bose quality sound to be truly exceptional. I never had problems with the quality of the audio or the volume that it outputs.

Should I get it

If you are in the market to up your game and get a pair of headphones, my first recommendation is to grab your hands on one of these headphones. The price may be high, and some may disagree with how expensive these headphones are. But personally I. think this is one of the most important pieces of technologies that you will ever need since you are using it every day. After using his headphones for a month, I have to say that I would never go back to another device and I am happy with my choice.

So if you’re in the market my recommendation to you is to check out these headphones and consider getting your own today.


The best headphones if you hate other people

Nevertheless, the QuietComfort 35 IIs certainly feel like the smartest pair of headphones around at the moment. They may not be the absolute best sounding pair of cans at this price, but they offer functionality their rivals simply cannot match.

The integration with Google Assistant – especially when you’re out and about – is a definite positive and their noise-cancelling abilities are second to none.

We expect these headphones to become travelling companions for many a frequent flier. The updated tech is indubitably worthy of the QuietComfort name.

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Key Features

  • Review Price: ~ $345
  • Google Assistant
  • Active noise canceling
  • Bluetooth
  • Optional wired connection
  • 20-hour battery life
  • Black and grey colors available
  • Hard carry case with an airplane adapter


Bose QC 35ii app review



Dynamically, these headphones can take the changes in intensity in their stride. From the quieter drums and strings that rise up when the song begins to the hearty, husky tones of Lisa Gerrard’s idioglossia (her invented language) that fill the space, these headphones make smooth transitions allowing you to really become immersed in your music.

But while these headphones have an enjoyable sound, their rivals are a hair’s breadth ahead.

Playing Radiohead’s Burn The Witch through the aptX HD-equipped Astell & Kern Kannthe continuous cymbals that rise up in are still precise through the QuietComfort 35 IIs, but the PXs have greater enthusiasm when marking the start and stop of each strike.

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