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Both AMD and NVIDIA have introduced important changes in their catalog over the past few years; More and more models are available and this gives us more options when buying a graphics card, In addition to more competitive prices. However, it also implies greater difficulties in understanding the differences between ranges and models. In this buying guide, we review which are the best graphic card under $100 that we can buy and the key concepts that we must consider to know which one to choose. You can find techy gadgets related information in NoFluffTech.

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As we advanced,  NVIDIA and AMD have expanded their range of graphics cards. Now there are more models to choose from, a wider range that has favored more interesting prices. But this huge variety of graphics cards made it increasingly difficult to identify which are the best graphics cards. Before diving into the ranges and models that are available, it is best to review certain key concepts and some essential guidelines that will help us choose the best cheap graphics card for our PC’s and our needs. so let’s find the graphic card.

What should you consider before buying a graphic card?

PC hardware balance

One could enter into much more technical terms, but to make it easily understandable, we should understand the set of hardware components of a PC as a system – which is what it is – in which some parts are dependent on others. This means that yes, the graphics card is most responsible for the performance of video games, in terms of graphics, but it is not the only hardware component that influences this. So do other components such as the CPU and RAM, and even the system or storage unit in which both the operating system and video games are installed. Storage should only influence loading times, but on computers, with limited RAM it can affect performance in the use of video games.

Therefore, even if the budget allows us, we should not always consider only and exclusively the most powerful graphics card on the market. It is possible that, for a given budget, we are more interested in buying best cheap GPU for gaming, however, at the same time renewing the motherboard and the CPU, or expanding the RAM, or changing our hard drive to a state unit solid, that is, an SSD. In short, it is important to seek balance in the configuration of hardware components to avoid the bottleneck.

Hardware compatibility

As we said, the configuration of hardware components of a PC must be taken into account as a system and, therefore, seek a certain balance. But in addition to this, we must also take into account the limitations when choosing hardware components for the simple reason of compatibility. And at this point, yes, the graphics card we are looking at maybe compatible, or not, with the rest of the components already assembled. In addition, there are several factors to consider.

The first one is relative to the dimensions. The form factor of our tower will give us the possibility to install any graphic, or not, depending on its length. And the length of the graphics card is given by cooling it, with one or up to three fans. And beyond the graphics card that fits in the tower, or not, we must consider the space that will be free for the interior ventilation to be correct. And of course, we must check that on our motherboard there are enough PCI-E connections to accommodate the graphics.

It should also be considered that the power supply has sufficient connections, adequate pins and the power necessary to power the graphics card we are considering buying. And in other words, keep in mind that technologies such as  Ray Tracing in NVIDIA RTX may not work in certain software versions. So, even if the graphics card is going to work, if we have this compatibility problem we would not be taking advantage of its maximum performance in cases where Ray Tracing can be used.

What are you going to use the graphics card for?

The first two points should have served us to discard a wide variety of graphics cards. At this third point, although we could anticipate the rest, we should consider what we are going to use our graphics card for, or with what expectations. That is to say, we should take into account what kind of games we are going to want to use, due to its technical requirements, and also in what kind of configuration we are going to play. It is not the same to pretend to play in Full HD at 30 fps and with medium quality, than to look for 4K at 60 fps with ultra quality, or Full HD at 240 fps with ultra quality.

And in addition to the above, although closely related, we must also consider the term of use. With an NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti, today, we will be able to play most titles in Full HD at 30 fps in ultra quality, but for how long? The technical requirements of video games have a growing trend over time, as is evident, and if we intend to execute AAA titles. So we should keep in mind before buying a graphics card, what are our expectations in this regard.

Budget to buy a graphics card

This may be the first step because it is the one that most graphics card models will lead us to discard when making our decision and purchase. Before considering the acquisition of any model, we should set a budget, a price range that we are willing to assume. From here, as is evident, we will not find the same models if we set our maximum expenditure at 300 euros, for example, if we do it at 800 euros. And in the same way, as we mentioned in the hardware balance section, with a high budget, it may be worth considering part of the cost for the graphics card, and part for other hardware components. Some cameras allow you to crop your clip, and you should take advantage of it to free up wasted memory.

Choosing the right frame rate for your theme is vitally important. Here are some examples, Just try it:

120 FPS: Most basic slow motion, just a quarter of the speed of real life; is the speed normally used in sports replays

300 FPS: Good for slow motion with narration, such as walking and love scenes and display of masculinity

600 FPS: The Basics of Slow Motion Pornography; human movements become less narrative, more anatomical.

1,000 FPS – 1,200 FPS: Human motives move very slowly at this rate; You are now in blast mode; 1,200 FPS is the fastest the Casio EX-F1 can record

5,000 FPS – 10,000 FPS: Explosions caused by bullets, shards of glass rising and floating in the air… and you can see the intricate design of lightning; store-bought cameras can’t do that – yet

When we are buying the components of our new gaming computers it is very important to know perfectly what to buy, and one of the great incognitas is which graphics card to buy. And this depends on the budget we have at that time. Best GPU under $100 to $700 is the highest range, without the Titan X Pascal.

The most usual budget among users is between 200 and 300 euros. This is the current goal of the two major manufacturers of graphics cards, NVIDIA and AMD, so we will see the best options for each of them. When we are buying the components of our new gaming computers it is very important to know perfectly what to buy, and one of the great incognitas is which graphics card to buy. And this depends on the budget we have at that time.

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