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What’s special about the BenQ light bar lamp?

According to the “All About Vision,” 50 to 90 percent of our computer users experience some eye strain or other visual-related symptoms. By adequately lighting our computer work area, we can reduce or eliminate these bothersome eye issues. Make your computer workspace more user-friendly with just the right lighting to help decrease computer glare and shadows, that provide optimal task lighting, and even reduce excessive illumination. Here comes BenQ ScreenBar Lite.

  • Auto-dimming by a built-in ambient light sensor
  • Specially designed clip for laptops
  • No glare with precision workspace illumination

BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite-Black:

  • When you just need a bit of extra light in your area around your computer screen without causing any screen glare, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus is just the perfect option.

Have you ever sat on your Pc to do some work and you have found that the lighting is not adequate? As if the monitor screen is blocking your light source and you can’t correctly read or write documents near your display.

The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite has got your back to provide you with the best lighting to do your work with ease. It takes the support of the same obstacle that was coming in the way of your light, i.e., the same monitor which was blocking your light and made it difficult to see your work is now the same stand on which theBenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite stands and gives you adequate light to perform your work even behind the screen.

BenQ ScreenBar Lite review

BenQ ScreenBar Lite Features:

The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite comes with many functionalities and uses; it is the best desk lamp on the market with many features:


BenQ ScreenBar Lite has a light sensor built-in that checks for ambiance and adjust the brightness automatically according to the ambiance and preset requirements while the brightness can also be manually adjusted by the help of the control on the touch sensor. So that you have the optimum light for your desk, not too bright to hurt your eyes and not too dim to ruin the purpose of a desk lamp.

Auto Dimming is an innovative feature which adjusts the lighting without the user’s effort to dim it manually.


The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite is designed in such a way that, standing on the monitor of the computer, it does not interfere with the screen, i.e., there is no screen glaring which makes it challenging to look at the screen. It is designed in such an optically asymmetrical design that makes sure that the light only reaches the desk and does not get reflected on the screen so that you have optimum light on your desk and no interference with the workings on your monitor.


The BenQ ScreenBar Lite is designed to be clipped on your computer or monitor screen so that it takes minimal space while providing optimum lighting on the desk. Usually, desk lamps take up ample space on the desk and can be a nuisance to set up as the desk space is for work. This is why The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite fits on the monitor screen and attaches easily on the monitor screen so that it takes little to no desk space and you have all the workspace for yourself making it the most efficiently designed lamp on the market.

“Work is an endless onslaught; it’s essential that you have the optimal lighting conditions whenever, wherever you choose to succeed.”


The best part about The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite is that it doesn’t need to be plugged into a socket to get power. Some lamp is attached on the monitor screens but requires it to be plugged in a wall socket which defeats the purpose of a space-saving desk lamp as the wire will always come in your way and will be an obstacle especially if you have no wall space for the cable. But The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite is USB powered so it can be plugged into a spare USB port on your computer, in your power bank or even in your phone by a USB OTG cable. It is a bright desk lamp which resumes your last settings of color temperature and brightness settings when turned on after a time.


The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite has a setting to adjust the color temperature settings of the lamp from warm to cool so that you can change the light according to your needs. It is proven that warm glow is helpful in reenergizing and helping you to relax while cool light makes you more focused and helps you in concentrating on your work more attentively. The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite has provided you with the feature to adjust the color temperature of the lamp according to your working needs as you like.


The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite comes in a matte black elegant looking design so that when it is attached on the top of your monitor screen it doesn’t take away the beautiful look of your laptop or monitor screen but in return further beautify your computer.


You rarely get a desk lamp which is smart enough to be controlled by an app, But for the BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite, you can download the ScreenbarSmartLite App to control the light brightness, the warmth of the color settings, hue adjustment, balancing the ambient light. With the help of the light sensor inside the lamp, the intensity will be automatically adjusted, but if you prefer a manual touch to the brightness and warmth adjusting, then you can download the app to your laptop and sync the light to be controlled by your computer.

To Sum Up:

The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite is an excellent and smart desk lamp with many features to help you in your work, and the color adjustment can alter your mood from focused to relaxation mood to energize yourself and relax, and it can be adjusted to a cool temperature to help you in concentration for performing focused work. With the automatic adjusting of the brightness by the help of light sensor is an excellent and unique feature while it can also be manually adjusted by touch sensor or merely downloading the SmartLite App and control it digitally from your computer.

The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite brings you the ease of taking minimal desk space by clipping to your monitor screen and being powered by USB cable so that you don’t have to find a socket to plug in your desk lamp.

With mostly positive reviews and pricing which is worth the performance it is providing, The BenQScreenBar e-Reading Lite should be the priority for any person who wishes for an aesthetically designed lamp with the functionality delivered as promised and a lamp that takes up minimal desk space.

BenQ ScreenBar Lite Color;

All eight colors are compliant with the ANSI white color standard:
6500K (daylight), 5700K (cool white), 5000K, 4500K (neutral white), 4000K, 3500K (warm white), 3000K and 2700K (soft white).

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