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BenQ ScreenBar The Smart LED Monitor Lamp

BenQ ScreenBar is a revolutionary lighting system. Simply hang it on your monitor to light up your desk without taking up any valuable space.

This is a must-have item for me. To that end, I have struggled for many years to find just the right size of light to hang over my keys. This e-Reading LED Task Lamp by BenQ is just the right size, and Benq LED looks absolutely amazing.

The e-Reading LED Task Lamp by BenQNot only take up zero desks real estate, but it illuminates my work area PERFECTLY without any problem! Perfect amount of light and exactly where I need it to be and no glare whatsoever. The brightness is completely adjustable, and with a simple touch, you can adjust it. I also love this desk lamp, I can change the color temperature from ‘cool’ light during the day, to an eye-easing warm light during the night. Controls are smooth, responsive and mostly works just as intended. The unit is built like a tank it is very well made small, and it looks like a 10000 unit.

Benq LED honestly feels like a luxury product (actually this desk lamp luxury item). $100 may seem a bit steep, but after getting the item, you will immediately see why you paid $100. After you get it, then you realize its worth every penny that you paid. Also, the auto-brightness is great and works without any problem. The technology and build quality are there, and if you’re in need of a desk light this is just the item for you.

BenQ screen bar e-reading lamp

  • Benq LED Auto-dimming by the built-in ambient light sensor
  • The specially designed clip makes the attachment onto monitors
  • Zero reflective glare off the screen

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