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Bellroy Key Cover and Bellroy iPhone X Case in 2018

Bellroy indeed puts their heart, soul and countless design hours into making the best products. Every piece they make has been deeply considered, for the best of its life little moments.

Truly a fantastic company with high-quality design and use of leather. I have in here, a Bellroy iPhone X Case and a Bellroy Key Cover that can make my day so much easier and make my setup look luxuries. I think I could put up to 5 cards into all given slot and a couple more business cards or another card in the left slot easily and it would still be functional and look sleek, the key holder is also a fantastic product, and they all feel like a 1000 dolor items. I have been using their product for over seven years, and I will never choose another brand for my accessories that I carry with me. Also, they have amazing customer service, and the shipping is fast cheap and also reliable. and bellroy leather is the best **** of all time. truly the best iPhone x case slim