A cluttered mind and desk can never be productive. Being organized is the key to success and a good work folio can help you achieve that. 

Technology has certainly taken over the minds of the youth and are obviously considered essential too. However, just like the invention of a tablet, has not been the death of laptops and as the innovation of laptops has still not been the death of PC; some things, always hold their own importance. Thus, a good work folio is very crucial for having a clutter free mind and desk and to boost productivity as well. 

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Features to Consider while buying a Work Folio

There are various options out there, in the market, when it comes to investing in a good work folio. However, there are some things that one must consider before buying one. At first sight, you might think that getting a work folio is one of the easiest things but if it is not portable and does not have good storage; trust us, it is not efficient enough for you. Here are 3 important features that you must look for, while buying a work folio: 

  • Functionality is very important. You need to see whether the work folio is functional or not. If it is not portable or is not helping you in organizing your things in a proper manner, then it is simply of no help. Thus, know what your requirements are and buy accordingly. 
  • Secondly, you need to consider the storage. What are you looking to keep within it and what is the size of your notebook or documents that you will be carrying inside? Considering it all, see the number of pockets that the work folio has and how many sections does it provide. 
  • Lastly, don’t forget that the material of the work folio is very crucial to consider too. The material basically proves the durability of the work folio. Genuine leather work folios are the best pick to make as they are durable and extremely long lasting too. Your investment really pays off. 

Once you have sorted out these three basic features, you will be able to get the best work folio for yourself. But before you start looking for some work folios, we have a wonderful suggestion for you right here! 

Bellroy Work Folio

Bellroy has gotten your worries sorted out with there amazing A5 size work folio. It helps you incredibly in keeping your books and other important elements, organized. With a clutter free mind and desk, you are able to be more productive with the help of this leather made work folio. 

The size of Bellroy Work Folio is 5.8 x 8.3 inch, which fits A5 documents and notebooks perfectly. Famous brand notebooks like Rhodia and Fabriano fit into this work folio without any trouble. It comes with a pen holder and pockets for your e-reader, phone or a small tablet as well. Big sized tablets won’t fit in here (consider the size A5). It is made up of genuine leather and is eco-friendly too. The best part is that Bellroy has a 3 year warranty with this work folio as well. If anything goes wrong; you can simply contact them and get it fixed within no time. 

Great for keeping things Composed

Everybody hates it when their folders become chunky, if you stuff some extra things in it. However, with bellroy work folio; you can set that annoyance aside. It has a great composure as it keeps everything, packed within, in a great way. Just close the zip and you can hide a world of things inside it. 

Your day gets Sorted

With Bellroy work folio, your things for an entire day get sorted out. You can even ditch your handbag, if you want to. From your phone to your earbuds and from your documents to your tablet and notebook; this work folio carries everything within it. You can rely on this work folio for everything. 

You get a notebook along

The work folio comes along with a Bellroy notebook of A5 size. As soon as you get it, you can start writing down your plans or make your list of “to-do” things on it right away. If you don’t have an A5 notebook already, then there is literally nothing to worry about as the work folio has it all set for you. 

Travel Partner

This work folio is extremely portable and can be your travel partner as well. It has sufficient pockets to hold your passport and tickets etc. as well. Keep your boarding passes and ebooks or simply anything in it and it will fit just right. 

Great Design and Wonderfully Spacious

The work folio by Bellroy has been designed very thoughtfully. It is composed of genuine leather and has been crafted with care, from the best designers ever. Its outward expansion and has a separate spacing inwards, in the below section. This makes it pretty spacious and allows you to organize a bundle of things within a single work folio. 


Technology might have taken over several things but nothing beats the importance of portfolios or work folio folders. They are the key to organization and help you attain a clutter free environment too. If you have a lot spread over your desk and have simply no idea about how to put it all together in once place; then you certainly need to buy the Bellroy Work Folio right away. You can click on this link to get it; Folio A5

It is available in 4 different colors and you can buy the one that you like the best. Made up of environment friendly material, this is the best choice to make this year, for keeping your productivity, along with you, wherever you go. 

You won’t regret investing in it at all. It is durable, long lasting and very user friendly. Step outside your home with all the essentialities that you want to and forget about getting everything messed up.


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