Bellroy Slim Backpack – The Best Backpack For School

Bellroy Slim Backpack

Simplicity with surprising detail, the Slim Backpack holds your essentials, without the excess is the Best Backpack For School

I am in love with this bag! I have used it as my everyday backpack for a week now, and I love its build and quality and find it absolutely perfect for my needs. Everything about the bag is holding up beautifully for its fantastic price. And I can not say enough about how much I love the size and its form. The Bellroy Slim BackPack is perfect for carrying a laptop, tablet, small water bottle, and your everyday needs. No extra space means I can stay organized and only bring what I need. I honestly probably buy another of these for my wife so she can enjoy it as well and she also agrees with every word! Even though I sound like I was paid to write this, I wasn’t.

Original review,

Here is the deal: finding a backpack online the actually works is hard. If you are like me, you spend hours looking at potential purchases and websites, agonizing over the fact that you can not see, hold, or try out what you’re considering spending your money on. Since I know how hard it is to find a backpack online, and because I am so pleased with this company, I’m going to try to give a very comprehensive review both in video and text. Note that I am a grad student who uses this bag to carry a MacBook, iPad, small paperback psychology textbook, and a notebook or two to and from school every day. With that said, here goes and let’s get started:

The price and quality:

I was a little apprehensive about the cost of the slim backpack since the other bags I was considering were all $100 – $150. While the price may not be a lot to many, to someone in grad school, $165 is a lot to spend on a bag. In my opinion, though, it was worth the asking price. The Bellroy backpack is both lightweight and sturdy and has fantastic quality (note that I use all their products for years, that is how much I love Bellroy). The padding is excellent, and the weight distribution is incredible. I completely agree that what you pay is what you get. All in all, I think the price is great.

The appearance:

I know exactly what to expect here since I know all their product is made from high-quality material and is well crafted. The zippers are amazing and it feels amazing using it. Also, this bag comes in three beautiful colors. With soft lined pockets for all your small devices and leather magnetic snap closure that is water-resistant. Made of Soft-woven polyester that is a certified leather and it is backed by our 3-year warranty

The size:

This is honestly my favorite part of this bag. I absolutely LOVE the size and the shape of the Bellroy Slim backpack! I’m a 6′ 5″, so it’s not like I’m super tiny and it feels great. But even so, I am so sick of backpacks that are too long that they cover my butt lol! I tighten the straps as much as I can to bring the bag up. If you have been looking for a small backpack that you don’t need to carry giant textbooks with trying this one!


I love LOVE love this backpack! After years of hunting for the perfect backpack, I think that I can say that I have found my match! I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone. It’s ideal for school or business, as long as you travel light. This is truly the Best Backpack For School.

bellroy slim backpack

bellroy slim backpack

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