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Bellroy Shift Backpack Review

Who doesn’t want a seamlessly designed bag for all their carrying needs? Well, it is quite obvious that no one would ever deny getting a bag like that. Even though there are tons of companies who design and manufacture these bags but there are hardly any which provides the premium and high-grade bags.

If you are looking for impeccably designed carrying bags, then Bellroy is perfect for you. With a wide range of almost every kind of bag, you can easily find the type that you think is suitable for you.

The most exciting and thrilling news is that Bellroy is introducing a new range of exquisitely designed shift bags which can be used for several distinctive purposes. Whether you want to use the bag for traveling or for carrying your cameras and photography tools, this shift backpack is perfect for you.

Why Bellroy shift BackPack?

This stylish and versatile everyday backpack is something you should really get for yourself. Trust me, you’ll love it for sure. Prioritizing a shift bag over ordinary luggage is one thing and getting the shift bag from companies which craft and manufacture these bags exceptionally is another. If you want your bag to last for a long duration of time, then choosing the ones designed by Bellroy is the right thing to do. Want to know why? Well, there are tons of reasons which will eventually convince you to get this best everyday backpack. Read on to find out!!!

Premium Quality Material:

Okay!!! So the first thing anyone ever notices before purchasing an item is its quality. After all, everyone wants to use their stuff for a long span of time. This is the main reason why this bag is designed extraordinarily with the high-grade and enduring material.

Not only the exterior but the inner lining of the shift backpack by Bellroy is made from the persistent and long-lasting material. The reason why this shift bag is the best is that each and everything, from the zippers to the stitching is done neatly and precisely. Amazing, right?

Versatile Use:

The quality which makes this bag different from other ordinary bags is that it can be used for several distinctive purposes. Whether you want to use it as a travel bag or for carrying your photographer’s equipment, this shift bag by Bellroy is perfect for you. The best thing is that there are loads of differently-sized pockets for you to keep things organized and separated.

Exquisitely designed and stylish:

The design of the bag really matters a lot. At first glance, the thing you notice is the design and color of the item you intend to buy. True, right? Well, this is the main reason why Bellroy has been successfully designed bags for men and women, purses, wallets and has now introduced the shift bags too.

The bag is intended exquisitely maintaining the style as well as space for keeping things in mind. The stylish look of the bag makes it perfect for everyday use as well. You can take it to college, on trips and also use it as a travel bag. The bag is a little stiff so that it is easier to load and unload. And a little stiffness protects the things you keep inside as well. Great, right?

Perfect size, shape, and color:

Honestly, I myself prefer bags with perfect size, shape, and color. Well, why shouldn’t I? After all, these are the things most of the people look out for a while getting a bag or almost everything. This is also one of the reasons why Bellroy has designed the most stylish shift bags with impeccable size, shape, and color. Let’s discuss the color first. Well, the neutral shades picked for the color make it unisex and suitable for both men and women.

While on the other hand, the shape and size of the bag are seamless as well which is why this bag is perfect for regular use.

Sections and Compartment in the bag:

The bag has several pockets and compartments specially designed to adjust to several different things inside. There are separate pockets to keep your laptop and your tablet in there too. Since there are different pockets inside the bag, therefore, it is really easy to keep both your laptop and tab in there.

The rear laptop compartment along with the tablet pocket is specifically designed to provide ease and convenience while arranging your stuff inside. Besides, the tablet and laptop compartment there are bottom compartments in the bag as well. These compartments can be used for different purposes ranging from keeping your shoes to lunch box and camera etc.

Easy to carry:

One of the best things about the bag is that they are really easy to carry. The firm handle along with the durable and soft straps provide a stronger and firm grip which makes it easier to carry. One more thing, you will not get tired while carrying the bag. Since the straps are adjustable and feel softer on your shoulders, therefore, this bag is perfect for you.

The purpose for designing the Shift Backpack:

Why was the shift bag designed? What can possibly be the need for the bag when there are tons of other travel and carry bags? Well, the first reason why the shift bags became the priority of most of the people was mainly that it is functional, versatile and perfect for long-term use.

Another factor which makes it highly preferable is its appropriate size and weight. Even though it is lightweight, but you can still use the bag for several distinctive purposes and keep loads of stuff inside. Apart from this, it has a flat bottom which gives you a lot more space than regular travel or tech bags.

The different compartments in the bag allow you to keep all your stuff properly organized and arranged. The modular pouches inside the bag are perfect for keeping headphones, chargers, power banks and other little things as well.

Why get Bellroy Shift bag?

The question which usually pops up in our mind is; why choose this bag? Why trust Bellroy products? Or why get this bag in particular? Well, there are several reasons why you should prefer getting this bag. One, their products are durable. Two, the bags and c bag, in particular, is multipurpose and easy to carry.

Honestly, if you ask for my opinion, then I’ll always prefer getting the Bellroy shift backpack for daily as well as occasional use. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get the best shift bags, then this should be your first priority. Trust me, you’ll love them for sure.



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