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Bellroy Duo Work Bag a Must Have Bag In 2018 For Everyone

Are you looking for an amazing bag that can be used for multiple purposes? It looks stylish and sleek in the office and can use other than the office too? A bag’s specification needs to be that it can be used for multiple purposes and is not just restricted to the office. Most bags are made for official purposes and are designed by keeping the office environment in the mind that restrict its use.

This bag can do so much

The Duo work bag by Bellroy is one of the only options that can be used for work and can adjust for other purposes. The benefit because of which it is one of the best duo work bags is the unique design of the interior and exterior. With a lot of pockets that does not restrict you that you can only keep your laptop in it. Due to the pockets, it is comfortable and easy to use for keeping other things too. Normally in a laptop bag, there are hardly two or three pockets that can only be used to keep the laptop and its accessories.

This is amazing;

In an ordinary laptop bag, the everyday essentials can’t be fit. Because you have to carry the accessories on the laptop along with you especially in the office. In case you are traveling and you are a kind of person that likes to keep things handy and along with you all the time that is not possible if you are carrying a briefcase with you.

While traveling you need such a bag that has a lot of pockets. Plus a space for your laptop and its accessories and you can also adjust the travel essential in it. Another factor that is that while buying a bag is that one wants to a bad that is too flexible regarding the changing loads.

The designed

The Bellroy Duo work bag is designed according to the different tastes of the customers, environment, and situations. It can keep your look stylish because it is made for two modes like it can be just kept in hand like any other laptop bag or can be hanged on the shoulder. While the strap is easily adjustable.

It can be kept slim or expanded. Professionalism is all you need when you are going to the office. The hand straps let you carry the bag in a professional manner. At the same time if you are planning to go on a trip on the weekend you don’t have to look for a new bag. You can utilize the same by turning it a shoulder strap

Features of the Duo Work Bag:

Its official use is very comfortable. Because of the fact that you have to attend the meeting and for that, you have to look very professional. On the other hand, you can keep all the essentials things in place. Imagine you holding a bag in one hand, files in another, notebook, pens, phone and other stuff is somehow managed in your hands but you will sure look like a mess and unprofessional.

If you choose the Bellroy Duo Work Bag then you can keep all these things in one place and you can clip the sides of the bag and can turn it into its slimmest form.

The use

After using it for the meeting purposes, you can unclip it and then add whatever you want. You can adjust the clothing, your lunch or all the stuff that you feel like can be placed in it. It makes your life easy in both the office and outside. If we look into the organization then this bag can keep everything intact and in place. The interior is so much better than the ordinary bags because of space and pockets.

All the features that are there to make the interior look organized and comfortable are present there. Talking about the exterior, the main purpose to design a durable interior in bags is to keep it safe from the outside conditions.

The quality

The exterior of the Bellroy Duo Work bag is durable, high quality, and the fabric that is used on the surface of the bag is water resistant fabric. Also, the material is very soft and flexible. The softness of the fabric does not mean that it is not hard enough to bear the weather conditions or any tough situation.

If we talk about the Duo Work Bag then it is very convenient because of its expandable unique design. When you many options to expand the design like for example. You have a choice of a shoulder strap and top handles.

The features are as follows:

  1. Has an ability to hold a laptop that is up to 15
  2. The strap is convenient enough to be kept according to the requirement, it is detachable along with the tote handles.
  3. There is a compartment specially designed for the laptop; it is a padded compartment.
  4. The fabric used is water resistant also it comes along with the Aqua guard zip.
  5. The storage is not limited, it can be expanded in several ways.


As you have checked the fantastic features of this amazingly beautiful bag for you, let me tell you about my personal review of this Bellroy product. After reading the personal review you can decide better than either this product is for you or not.

Have you already decided? Let me guess!

You like it so much and are craving for it?

Am I right?

If not then here is the personal review, keep reading. You can choose any of the convenient options according to your need and requirement.

Personal review

There are many people out there who are praising this company known as Bellroy. For the astounding products provided by them. Bellroy is known for making leather goods and wallets such as phone cases, iPad cases, folios, and more.

Here are two products that are my top favorite for a while now. One of them is the Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet and the other one is the amazing Bellroy Duo Work bag. I have been using them for almost a year, and still, these two are my all-time favorite products for daily use.

Daily personal use

As far as the Bellroy Duo Work bag, there are no signs of wear and tear, and nothing is damage and I use it on a daily basis. I can put all the things into my daily personal use in my bag with my laptop likewise.

When I was using my wallet, and I heard that the Bellroy is announcing a new line of these fantastic work bags and backpacks for both women and men. I was so excited about getting a new one for me as well. Personally, I was so happy when they sent me a sample model to get a sneak peek about the product.

After the first time I instantly love it there was no reason for not buying it.


The astounding part!

Let me tell you now about this fantastic product, this backpack is classic, well designed with a clean astounding look. It has a padded laptop space where a 15” laptop can fit in comfortably.

There is also a spot for keeping a pen, a quick access valuables section on the outside, and a zip pocket inside. There is no doubt that in addition to being classy, it is pretty much comfortable and easy to use. Moreover, if you fill it with many things, you will not feel any discomfort in carrying the bag. There are three colors in which it is available; you can choose from these three.

Will it fit you;

To anyone’s surprise, you will get the water-resistant fold-over. With a strap of magnetic power so that you can attach it with ease. This is a plus point of this bag, including its stylish look and beautiful colors.

The best part of the bag is having two buckles that you can expand according to your need. You can expand them if you are putting more things in the bag, and you can also close the buckles if you want a slim bag.