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Beauty And The Beast game

Classic the Beauty and the Beast game is Classic Retro Toy made by Disney Take a trip down memory lane. This Classic Retro Toy is Great for children and adults alike.

who is it for;

Personally I think this the beauty and the beast game is a Classic Retro Toy for all ages. The beauty and the beast kingdom hearts game is from 1992. This is truly the best video game that I have ever played, and I love it. Kids watch a game that can make a difference for all in the family. This Classic Retro Toy is the beauty and the beast masterpiece.

Old Times;

I had one of these when was about 13. This beauty and the beast game was the coolest thing around at that time. I had three of the beauty and the beast game all together as a kid. and all of them were stolen sadly. so I bought one beauty and the beast game from E-Bay two months ago. I love this one I bought on E-Bay, and I love it.


This is the most impressive and fun of all retro video game you could ever see. It is very portable, has many levels and is even practical. Great to even pass time. When the alarm goes on it is fun time! This is not a product for the average or modern game freak.

This beauty and the beast game is with no special effects. Also, there is no blood or gore, and is not in not 3D. Or surround sound, heck, it does not even have an earphone jack. If you love old things that is simple, to the point and will keep you entertained for hours on end this is it.