AUTO-VOX X1 PRO [2019] Review

X1PRO Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 

The demand for modern and technologically-enhanced vehicles has grown enormously over the years, and the users of vehicles have started demanding for modern and technological elements integrated into their vehicles. As a result, the manufacturers of vehicles have resorted to manufacturing technology-enhanced to fulfill the demand of their customers.

Auto-Vox recognized the demand of the customers, and it is celebrated as a manufacturer parking sensor camera. The pioneering manufacturing company is dedicated to developing cutting-edging solutions for modern vehicles, and it has introduced a dash camera to facilitate intelligent parking assist system, CANBUS window closer, and CANBUS car alarm.


The dash camera introduced by auto-vox has become a favorite amongst technology-savvy car owners, and it is equipped with a wide-angle rearview mirror that allows the driver to drive vehicle and stay familiar with its surroundings. The X1 Pro could be installed to an existing rearview in your car; however, it would require a car owner to use heavy-duty rubber bands for the installation of the device to its car.

The dash cam helps a driver to access an improved rearview while driving. The device is also equipped with a backup camera that could be installed behind the tailgate or, above the license plate as per the preferences of the user. A vehicle owner can work with a professional for wiring the device to its car, and it would allow the camera to calibrate and perform automatically while the car is in reverse.

One of the top-tier features about the rearview mirror is that it is integrated with a 10-inch touchscreen to allow the driver to navigate its background/rear surroundings effectively. Also, the inclusion of the lane-departure warning system along with a GPS receiver allows the driver to maneuver x1 Pro in several ways; such as to record the direction, speed, and route of the journey.

Features of Auto-Vox x1 Pro:

The following are the built-in features of Auto-Vox x1 Pro:

Advanced technology

The device is calibrated to allow its user to stream media, WDR, and AHD using progressive equipment. The built-in stream media device is engineered to display the rear image synchronously in a real-time manner, and it could be further switched to a night vision for viewing the image precisely and clearly. The use of wide dynamic and analogy high definition range technology treats the vehicle owners to a clear parking guard when controlling its vehicle.

Full-touch Screen

The X1 Pro Mirror Dash Cam features a 9.88-inches touch screen, and it is built in with the required elements that allow the viewers to view a crystal-clear image in the screen. The integration of dual-recording camera is enhanced using the Sony sensor that allows the driver to view the surroundings with minimal error or distortion. In addition, the installation of 720P backup camera, 1260p camera, and 140-wide viewing angle, which allows the driver to navigate the road in a number of climatic conditions.

High Compatibility:

The X1 Pro is widely acknowledged for its high compatibility, and using the right type of mounting bracket makes the equipment immune to vibrations or jolts on a bumpy road. The mounting bracket is designed to accommodate 97% of the car models available on the market. The OEM feature of the device allows the dash cam to integrate with other sections of a vehicle.

Other specifications of Auto-Vox X1 Pro:

The camera is designed to fit to a vehicle effortlessly, and it could be configured by a user within no time. A user is simply required to mount the device using the silicone straps to navigate the touchscreen menu of the device without much hassle.

A user can then use GPS for setting the time of the time or, it can configure the time according to its preferable time-zone and clock format. A car driver can also save the video recording via the rear camera; however, it would be expected to use a micro TF card for saving the video to an accessible destination.

The cameras are supplemented with Analog High Definition Technology (AHD) that allows the viewer to maneuver a road and record videos in night-time format. The videos could be recorded and play backed in low-light conditions, and it would satiate the needs of the driver accordingly.

Reasons to invest in Auto-Vox X1 Pro:

While, the idea of dash cam sounds intriguing and its features could make any technology-savvy vehicle owner invest in Auto-Vox X1 Pro immediately; however, a user should have certain reasons in mind to justify its reasons to invest in Auto-Vox x1 Pro:

1. A dash cam helps you save evidence

It is no wonder that video surveillance could help with dealing with a number of situations. For instance, if you have been robbed or involved in a collision with another car then, the dash cam would record the important elements for you. For instance, if a driver is expected to turn left using a turning lane, and it is overturned by another driver then, it could provoke the driver to make an illegal turn. It may pin the blame on you if the action is caught on another camera. However, if the situation is brought to a law enforcement officer then, a driver can use the video footage from its dash cam to prove its innocence and to eradicate the situation by paying minimal fine.

2. Dash cams help you with saving money on car insurance

Dash cams play an imperative role in helping you save money, as it allows an insurance company to reduce claims or offer discount car insurance premiums for certain purposes. Who knows that if you have installed a dash cam to your vehicle, it could help you with saving up to 15% on the monthly premiums?

3. Dash Cams allow you to track your teenager’s driving:

If your teenager has recently started driving, and you never know in what ways your teenager could be driving the vehicle then, installing a dash cam to your teenager’s vehicle would allow you to track its location and driving behavior effortlessly.

The installation of dash cams provides you with a non-intrusive type of surveillance for keeping track of the driving behavior of your teenager. If you are unable to reach out to your teen then, you can use GPS for tracking the location of the vehicle.


  • Screen Size: 9.88-inches
  • Supply Voltage: DC 5-5.5V
  • Resolution: 1080P,1296P
  • Video : H.264 [email protected][email protected]
  • Loop Recording:1/2/3min fragment optional
  • Front View Camera: lncluded

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