Pop Filters

Auphonix Pop Filter is a pop filter, or pop shield is for noise protection filter for microphones, that is used in a recording studio.

When the Auphonix first came in, I was excited to run some tests to see if this product would do better than all my previous pop filters that I had. After a few recording, I could easily tell that this pop filter was extremely better than the sock or other pop filters that I have worked before.

Auphonix 4-Inch Pop Filter

The clamp held very well while not damaging any of my other equipment. I am sure that no amount of movement would force the pop filter once it has been secured tightly. The piece of the goose neck where the pop filter is solid and would hold very well in place.

This is an excellent pop filter. Received one that I love. Great customer service from sellers. The item came with great goose neck. All is well in my recording world.



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