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Pop Filters

Auphonix Pop Filter is a pop filter, or pop shield is for noise protection filter for microphones, that is used in a recording studio.

When the Auphonix first came in, I was excited to run some tests to see if this product would do better than all the previous pop filters that I had. After a few recording, I could easily tell that this pop filter was extremely better than the sock or other pop filters that I have worked before.

  • Nylon mesh screen reduces vocal popping and sibilance.
  • Universal mic stand mounting bracket.
  • Flexible metal gooseneck.

Auphonix 4-Inch Pop Filter

The clamp held very well while not damaging any of my other equipment. I am sure that no amount of movement would force the pop filter once it has been secured tightly. The piece of the gooseneck where the pop filter is solid and would hold very well in place.

This is an excellent pop filter. Received one that I love. Great customer service from sellers. The item came with a great gooseneck. All is well in my recording world.

Works as good as any other $150.00-$400.00 pop filter. I was testing plosives loud has heck and I didn’t peak with the maximux setting I could have for best quality through my mixer and outputs. DO NOT go out and spend no more than this price.

For those newbies out there and these bad repping reviewers… You don’t put the pop filter directly up against the MIC!!!! It should be between 2-4.5 inches from the mic then set your gains and compression afterward while testing your plosives and vocal pickups. Buy a better mic such as the blue Yeti for those home performances if you are having such a hard time getting the “quality” you deserve. Don’t blame the filter for peaking and popping, blame YOU and your setup. Anyways that blue Yeti mic does wonders and studio quality. Heavy for the price too, I love it!

1.) Bigger then I thought, use on any size mic no problem.
2.) The double screen is good, was expecting a single.
3.) Mesh is proper design, blocks most pops, stills lets highs register.

1.) It is big, so don’t be surprised if it is maybe too big for some people, not sure this is even a con.
2.) I have nothing too negative to say, but weight might be a factor for some tabletop stands… really isn’t too heavy though.

rad more!