How To Increase Internet Speed – Arris Surfboard SB8200

How to increase your internet speed
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Increase download speed NOW

The Arris Surfboard SB8200 is best way to increase your internet connection speed from internet service provider. And double your internet speed to speed up internet. This would definitely improve your uploading and downloading speeds by 2 times or more, and is pretty easy! Now you can have the faster internet speed at no cost. For your cable modem arris surfboard is just what you need.

Installed this beauty over the weekend to replace the new Linksys flagship AC1900 with the new Puma Chipset. I have heard about the Puma Chipset being problematic, and I can confirm that first hand. The Arris has the new Broadcom Chipset, now I’m Broadcom chipset fan. This modem is significantly smaller than your traditional modem but packs some power.

Original review:

Arris Surfboard SB8200 is an excellent cable modem by all accounts.

I previously had Xfinity ‘Blast’ Plan that advertised 500 Mbps with an SB6183. That cable modem setup was rock solid for almost two years until a major problem with the cable system that was almost a month of troubleshooting.
I used this as leverage to… negotiate… a free upgrade to the gigabit plan which was available in my area.
I think I was told five times that they’d have to come out and run fiber before finding someone who knew about DOCSIS 3.1.

It is just great

Anyway, once I secured the gigabit plan my speeds (expectedly) plummeted on my old SB6183 which promised 686Mbps.
Well, not when subscribed to the gigabit plan it doesn’t. It was only pulling 20-30Mbps with that configuration.
I had already placed the order for this modem and had tempered my expectations for actually getting gigabit speeds.

Upon receiving the modem I plugged it in, it took a minute, told me to go to comcast[dot]com/activate, and enter my account information.
Maybe 3 minutes later and after a couple of automatic restarts I held my breath annnnnd 240MBps down and the full upload speed on my primary computer. Hmm, what’s wrong? Ah, I left the speed control on my old settings… Let me disable the speed control, turn on the jumbo frame and turn off flow control. 941 down, 41 up.

The Good News About this cable modem!

Now that’s the good news: this cable modem delivers exactly what it promises on the advertising. 5/5 stars for the modem!
(barring the 1.4GBps connection and 5 or 10GBps it shows in some localities you’re still limited to 1GBps unless you can sweet talk your provider into giving you two IPs. This is for the case of 1.4 which requires link aggregation and a whole other mess to be able actually to connect a device at that speed.

Now, that being said there is one major consideration for whether or not you should buy this: is the rest of your equipment able to handle gigabit speeds?
My main desktop has a Killer E2400 NIC and connects through my main router which is an Asus RT-3100U connected via CAT5e which is what works at true gigabit. This is the only device I own that can perform at full speed.

Realtek 8168e gigabit LAN

I also have a desktop with a Realtek 8168e gigabit LAN adapter connected via CAT6 (also tried CAT5e cable to verify) that can only max out at 300 Mbps no matter what kind of tweaking I do. Local transfers between the two devices work at ~95 MBps but trying a speedtest maxes out the CPU, and it only goes to 300.

My secondary router, which is a Netgear R6250 with all the traffic shaping features disabled, can put about 500Mbps through it.
Also, my wireless devices connected at 867MBps link speed see 200-400Mbps of actual throughput.
None of this is any bad, per se, but keep in mind you will need a very recent and high-end setup actually to use gigabit at full speed,
If you’re currently using QOS (traffic shaping) of any kind I’d recommend turning it off as

Arris Surfboard SB8200

A) you won’t realistically need it and B) the speed will overwhelm the shaping in the first place. The 5/10GBps is just marketing fluff and is the theoretical top speed of DOCSIS 3.1). Arris Surfboard SB8200

There is a variety of information available to find out if your current gear will handle gigabit Internet. I’d start out with a Google search of ‘[router] gigabit internet’ to see what the results are.

Technical information:

Xfinity Gigabit in Northern Virginia (highly competitive market). Results will vary.
Docsis 3.1 connected to 24 channels down, four up. (32 down eight up and max supported by the device, but 24/4 is maxing in my area).
11 days current uptime, 0 uncorrectable, moderate correctables for that timeframe.
Note that if you look at your channel configuration (192[dot]168[dot]100[dot]1 for most people), you will see an ‘Other’ channel type listed. This is for binding to 3.1 specifically and is nothing to worry about.

Light definitions: all solid green means DOCSIS 3.0 fully connected. Blue second light is 3.1 down. Blue third light is 3.1 up. Flashing means ‘attempting to’ for whichever light is flashing. Also, most of Comcast’s network (nearly all) does not have 3.1 up so as long as you’re getting your advertised speed up, there’s no need to worry.

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