Apple Repair sets costly records for a cracked iPhone XS Max back or display

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How Tough Is Your New iPhone | Let’s Find out

Broken phones are now can be broken dreams. Your first step is to see if it is repairable, but your next step might haunt you for life lol. Let’s pray for Apple Repair services not to break your piggy bank this time. The cost are very high and unreasonable if you ask me.

Although, it is tough to break the screen. But, as you can see the back glass is one of the first things that have a chance of braking. It is almost too easy to break it. Unfortunately, for us, those prayers will be unanswered, as Apple just this year updated its official out of warranty screens and “other” repairing pricing. So just like the new phone, it will be hitting some new records.

The Old iPhone X

Previously, The iPhone X set us a $279 to have the screen replace. And the back screen a whopping $549 to be fixed. Which that includes repairing its glass for in case it just hits the pavement.

Now, Also, that we have the new king on the Apple Repair block, we got new $$$. And it is none other than the new Apple’s most expensive iPhone XS Max whose price starts at only $1099 but can reach up to $1449 so if you are not careful with it you may have to pay a high price to fix it.

The New Price!!

As you can see the Apple Repair quotes, dropping the iPhone Max may cost you $329 in just the screen replacement charges, and the crazy price of $599 for the shattered back or any other damages done to it. That is a $50 premium in both repair services over the different iPhone XS model. Making the XS Max the most expensive iPhone to be fixed in Apple’s history.


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