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Apple Pencil Generation 2

Hey, guys what’s up this is Ehsan and Apple just released Apple pencil second-generation alongside the refresh iPad pro. Although, it sucks that you need to spend additional money on a new pencil with the purchase of one of the new iPad models there are many reasons why it’s definitely worth the switch let’s talk about it.

The new Apple pencil gets rid of the terrible charging method which came with the first generation pencil. The first Gen charging it looked pretty ridiculous; first, you would have to take off the magnetic cap in which a lot of people lost by the way. Then you would have to insert that into the iPad lightning essentially making your iPad look very bad while the pencil charges. But gladly Apple has changed this.

The New Pencil

apple pencil 2

With the new pencil now you can magnetically attach the Apple pencil to the side of the new iPad for wireless charging. This makes things so much easier. Another great thing about the new model is that this model has no moving parts or caps like we saw the first-generation pencil that had a magnetic cap on the bottom side of the pencil. Which had to be taken off in order to be charge and during the duration of pencil charging you had to put the pencil cap somewhere safe. This is probably how many people lost their caps as well.

Apple Pen Gen 2

With the new Apple pencil, you are free from this issue. The pencil now has a unified and sleek design with no caps to lose. You now don’t have to worry about the pencil rolling out off the iPad or a desk. The second-generation pencil still has a sleek design that came with the first one. But, it has a flat side which aligns with the iPad for charging. The flat side of the pencil would work great to prevent it from rolling away or falling off the desk when you set it down. One of the issue with the previous Apple penciled was that you really didn’t have a place to put it while carrying your iPad around.


Not all cases came with an extra pocket for the apple pencil. But with the magnetic capability on the new Apple pencil not only are you getting wireless charging but you also have a secure place to attach it. Another cool feature of the second Gen pencil is the gestures. This will be very helpful for artist and notetakers. Apple has added similar gestures into your Airpods where you simply double tap on the pencil to quickly change it or change the type of stroke you want to use in apps such as the notes.

apple pencil gen 1 vs gen 2

Best Features

One of the best features that come with the new pencil is the quick pairing. In order to pair the old pencil, you had to insert the eraser side into the lightning port. But the with the new Apple pencil you simply attach it to the side of the iPad, and it will automatically connect.

So in comparison to the old pencil, the second-generation pencil is way better. But keep in mind that it’s only compatible with the 11 inch and 12.9-inch third-generation iPad pros.


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