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ALZO Horizontal Camera Mount for Overhead Product Photography

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ALZO Horizontal Camera Mount for Overhead Product Photography

The ALZO Horizontal Camera Mount works exactly as described. It’s incredibly easy to install to the tripod camera plate. The rod slides smoothly into the preferred position. I got this unit for my stationary setup and after sometimes. I realized that there is nothing better than the ALZO mount. ALZO Horizontal Camera Mount that has both the quality and the durability.

Should I have it?

Yes, If you are using a heavy camera or you are planning to extend the mount to its maximum. You may need to add one or two water bottle weights if you have a heavier DSLR camera. However, it holds any camera very easily.

Overhead Product Photography

I Have not yet experienced any bending or anything like that with the ALZO Horizontal Camera Mount. The screw threads are plenty long for a secure attachment to the camera. Personally, I have to admit that this was a perfect option for me and my filming needs, and I love it!

I would recommend this to anyone who needs to do overhead shots

Get your ALZO Horizontal Camera Mount, Black, Tripod Accessory, for Supporting a Camera for Overhead Product Photography




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