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Almost Lost My Finger – Engrave It Pro – As Seen On TV

As Seen On TV Engrave-It Pro Almost Lost My Finger but is truly a fantastic cordless engraving tool. That Permanently engraves any surface and works just like a pen with diamond infused tip.

Spark Innovators Engrave it As Seen on TV:

Engrave It Pro is from Spark Innovators that claims to be a cordless engraving tool that you can use on any surface such as metals, wood, glass, or any other surfaces. The Diamond infused tip works just like a pen and permanently leaves your marks on any items for security or even decoration.

Engrave It Pro looks like a large marker pen, except instead of using ink, it comes with a nice “diamond infused” meaning not a real diamond tip they say will engrave almost any surface.

If you are looking for a handy tool to engrave your initials in stuff presumably stuff that you own!!! Engrave It Pro looks really promising and I really like it.

Spark Innovators Engrave it As Seen on TV:

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