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Echo Plus with built-in Hub – Black

Amazon Echo Plus is an all-new simple way to start your smart home. The amazon echo plus features are amazing with its built-in ZigBee smart home hub. Here I have the amazon echo plus unboxing video for you and more. This product allows for direct and straightforward setup, compatible with ZigBee lights, locks, plugs, and in-wall switches from brands like Philips Hue, GE, and Yale. The all-new Echo Plus with built-in Hub a $100 Echo is a fantastic item for anyone looking to start or upgrade from the original model and make there smart home grow. The  amazon echo plus smart home is just amazing.

Echo Plus Price

It is nearly half the price of the initial Amazon echo model, and the quality is also much improved. The Echo Plus seems like a far better successor than any other smart home assistance. Echo features better speakers, built-in smart home hub and Alexa herself. For me, it is a must-have upgrade over the previous gen and offers some improvements over its predecessor that makes it much faster.

All about the Pros: The Sound on Echo plus is better than the first gen Echo

  • Alexa can now access more than thousands of Alexa skills
  • The price is slightly lower than before
  • The Echo Smart hub feature is amazing
  • The price is a better deal for what you get
  • A huge upgrade for all first-gen Echo owners


“I almost wonder if Amazon would have been better off foregoing the full-sized approach and, instead, making the Echo Plus more like the Echo Dot. After all, the Zigbee radio is the only real reason to buy the Plus over another Echo device — by packing it into a full-sized speaker at $150 or £140, Amazon is forcing Zigbee enthusiasts to pay for more than they may actually need.

All of that is enough for me to tell you to wait on the Echo Plus. There’s plenty of potential, yes, but it just isn’t there yet.”

Amazon Echo Plus Smart Home

This amazon echo plus smart home is a new update to the fantastic original Amazon Echo. The Amazon first echo launch back in 2014 and was a hit from the start. Well, technically amazon echo was replaced by a 2nd generation Amazon Echo now, and the first echo was updated with a built-in hub and more new functionality along with an all-new name and a price tag.

The look

The Physical aspect of Echo Plus looks completely identical to the original version. It’s a fantastic tall cylinder with an excellent speaker grille covering its lower half bottom. On top of the device is the mute and Alexa buttons, along with a beautiful ring of far-field with microphones and LED. These are surrounded all by another ring with rotating physical volume control. On the back is a socket for the power supplies a 21W power adapter with a coaxial connector and a 3.5mm jack for additional external speakers.

Amazon Echo Plus Features

The amazon echo plus is an object designe to sit in your living room, the Echo Plus is not unattractive. The amazon echo plus smart home it’s far from being discreet. It is not something that blends with its surroundings easily like the smaller models. The build quality is somewhat flimsy with plastics that flex when gripped, but it is hardly going to be handle a lot.


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