Transform Your MAC or PC With AKiTiO Node Pro

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The AKiTiO Node Pro is a game changer for both MAC and PC users to me this is the best MacBook pro egpu, this does not only make your computer fast, but it gives your device the power to game, edit, work, and enjoy my computer at its max. I was intrigued when I saw that the new Akitio Node Pro was released. I had just bought a Mantiz Venus, though the Akitio Node Pro looked super impressive. So, I bought it. (somewhat anticlimactic there haha).

However, first, let me explain to you about my current setup. I rock a 2017 MacBook Pro w/TB 13″, and an AMD Vega 64 Air Cooled. Initially, all this was all I needed till I started editing and playing games on it. My AKiTiO eGPU setup is only used for one purpose TO EDIT using Adobe.

Now that I have got that out of the way let’s focus on the star of the show, the all-new Akitio Node Pro. The moment I received my unit I unboxed it, I instantly noticed how amazing the quality was. Very similar in both weight and size to the Mantiz Venus. The Akitio Node Pro is a bit taller, but the Mantiz Venus is much wider.

My thoughts;

I care deeply about the build quality of this products. The Akitio Node Pro was superior in build quality to the Mantiz Venus and all other product. The back of the Akitio Node Pro has flush screws, and ports are seated well. The Akitio Node Pro is truly incredible. It uses mostly black cables all over; its circuits are all shielded and protected. Installing shields and protective metal plates is smart, and it prevents people from easily damaging their eGPU enclosure.

Installing the graphics cards are super easy on both systems (MAC, PC). You first slide off the cover, and then you have full access to the inside of the enclosure. With every single screw needed to install a graphics card and also, being a thumb screw, it is too easy.


Using the Akitio Node Pro, I get excellent performance from my graphics card.

In conclusion, I genuinely like the Akitio Node Pro as my MacBook pro egpu. If you are Mac or PC user, and you care about quality and design, I would 100% recommend the Akitio Node Pro to you.

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