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Aera Smart 2.0 Home Fragrance Diffuser Unboxing Review

Aera Smart 2.0 Home Fragrance Diffuser; Odyssey Luxury Scent with Essential Oils; Long-lasting Air Freshener; Home Deodorizer System.

Set and forget it with very long-lasting capsules, so at the end, the cost is not expensive. If you use the three and two levels that I use. I don’t want an overpowering scent, and I have one machine in each of my four rooms, so I get sufficient coverage at those low levels in the entire house. When the device is dispersing scent, there is a rather small hum, which you might find desirable for sleeping.

Home Fragrance Scent

They also have an amazing selection of beautiful fragrances. Home Fragrance Scent, Hypoallergenic Formula w/Notes of Cherry Blossom, Magnolia, Muguet – Schedule Using App With Aera Smart 2.0 Diffuser – State Of The Art Air Freshener Technology.

The long-life capsule is tamper proof and leak resistant. It works only with the Aera Smart Home Diffuser. The Capsule can last for 120 days or even longer in small rooms. It depends entirely on the Aera setting.

For example, Aera operating at average mid setting 5 for 12 hours a day will last for 120 days or 1440 hours. Continuous operation 24 hours a day capsule will last for 60 days. Fragrance capsule is 1.8 in x 2.1 in x 3.3 in. 25mL of fragrance in each capsule. Designed and Assembled in the US

What I think

I might suggest to Aera that they develop a night-time scent with lavender and other sleep-inducing elements. Oh, and they are the most elegant scent emitters I have ever seen. Delighted to have them in my life!