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5 Second Fix Best Super Glue – As Seen On TV

5 Second Fix Best Super Glue – As Seen On TV
This 5 Second Fix Liquid Plastic Welding Kit – That Fix, Repair and Seal Anything in 5 Seconds is an excellent product, and It does what it says it does.
I have seen many bad reviews, and I think that must be because some people are not adequately curing the material with the UV light that has been provided.

REMEMBER: It is Important to understand that *ANY* part of the liquid which does not get exposed to the UV light will NEVER cure or (dry)

This 5 Second Fix Liquid Plastic Welding Kit, when used correctly, is quite strong. However, it has its limits where you can not expose the entire application to the UV light all the times. Any Liquid resin that has been applied but does not receive direct exposure to the UV light for at least 10-20 seconds will never harden, bond and dry.

Disclaimer: If you are trying to Fix a broken item and the parts fit together correctly? IT IS BEST TO USE SUPER GLUE since the UV light will not penetrate into the entire joint and the matter will not dry. It is best that you take your time with the UV light.

Also, the battery in the light will outlast the product.

I will give this product a 4 Stars because, the material leaks very easily if not mediately replaced after use.

5 Second Fix Liquid Plastic Welding Kit – Fix, Repair and Seal Anything in 5 Seconds @

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