NEVER Lose Your AirPods With Earhoox

Forget about AirPods falling out or being uncomfortable, Earhoox will make you forget you’re wearing earbuds at all. Compatible with Apple AirPods

Earhoox 2.0 AirPods – White

Earhoox 2.0 AirPods – Black

I have been using the Earhoox with my AirPods, and they worked EXACTLY as I expected: they keep the AirPods comfortably and securely in my ears. I wasn’t sure if they’d make a huge difference, but it is truly dramatic. Without the Earhoox the AirPods would always feel like they are on the verge of falling out. With the Earhoox, that is all gone. These things are not going anywhere, even when I jump rope or running. In short, I think they did exactly what I was expecting they would, which is lock the AirPods in my ears.

Earhoox 2.0: New and Improved

With a near 5-star rating and over 2000 customer reviews — Earhoox 1.0 successfully solved the problem of loose earbuds for thousands. We’re always striving for the best, so we’re introducing Earhoox 2.0

Now compatible with all Apple Earpods and Apple AirPods
Stronger, more durable material
Tighter fit on actual buds
Single arm design is lighter, leaner and more comfortable